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Indies at first Sight: The Last Door


The Last DoorThe Last Door, this adventure either stops in its tracks or keeps you on your toes.  I am not one for horror games.  So even though this game says it is a horror game, I do not feel the need to jump up on a chair like a pansy.  I love the art style the developers chose, just to be an almost simple point and click adventure.  The music is a nice touch, mixing a Alfred Hitchcock and other keen aspects of horror music.   The gameplay is bland at times and feels like is missing a lot.  Although this title does not hold your hand, a little hint here and there would have been suffice.  The way the game pans out, makes it all worth the while to play.  In all honesty, I tried to like this game as much as I could.  It has potential and for being an episodic game, it really stands out.   Altogether, The Last Door gets a 7.5/10.  It should have been released as a digital copy on Desura instead of being a flash title on their website.  The fact that the first episode is free, bothers me.   I appreciate developers who take the time to make games we may or may not enjoy.  The effort is great.  They were in their right mind to get the game off the ground to at least let you play a bit before you decided to buy episode 2.  The Last Door should have been, in my opinion on game clients like Steam and Desura. Interested in The Last Door?  CHECK IT VIA THEIR WEBSITE.

P.S. Keep an Eye on our Quick BitZ section on our YouTube for upcoming gameplay of this title


Indie Spotlight: Whispering Willows, Contrast and WarZ RETURNS!!

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

Quick BitZ: Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Quick BitZ:  Ace of Spades


Look At: Fly’N (Demo)


Master Blud takes a look at Fly’N, currently available on Steam.

Steam Store Page:

Indie Spotlight: Real World Racing, Indie Bundles and Halloween!



Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

In case you missed our previous episodes of Indie Spotlight, make sure to visit the Indie Spotlight Playlist.  We haven’t been posting on here, but are trying to catch up on our work.

Ascension trailer courtesy of Magnesium Ninja Studios
Real World Racing trailer courtesy of Playstos Entertainment
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime trailer courtesy of Asteroid Base

Indie Royale –
Canadian Bundle is just a Steam sale –
GTA: Vice City coming to iOS and Android –…

Hotline Miami –
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams –

Thomas Was Alone (Review)

Review by: Ady Carter
Created by Mike Bithell, Thomas Was Alone bills itself as “a minimalist game about friendship and jumping” which to be frank is pretty much exactly what it is. Spinning out of a successful flash-based demo and with a little bit of crowd funding support to polish it up, Thomas Was Alone arrives this weekend for the PC and Mac. It’s a tough game to accurately describe, and one that’s perhaps best discovered rather than laid out before you in a review, but this is a review and you expect as much, so I should try! (more…)

Thomas Was Alone (Exclusive Preview)

Releasing on June 28th for PC/Mac

More Info:

It’ll be out first on Desura, then shortly on other digital distribution platforms.

It’s a game about friendship and jumping. Guide Thomas and his friends
around 100 levels, combining their strengths and overcoming their
weaknesses as they work their way through an intriguing – and often
impossibly cute – story, narrated by Danny Wallace.

Square Enix registers

By: ShadowKingpin

Square Enix has started up a swarm of internet buzz with news revealing that they have just registered an interesting domain name. is now a domain name that officially belongs to Square Enix.  With such a move, the internet is now hyping up theories about what it actually means.  The three main theories that seem to pop up the most are: 1. A Final Fantasy VII Remake (Least Likely).  2. Final Fantasy VII coming to Steam (Most likely).  Since Eidos published the PC version many years back and with Square Enix owning Eidos, it’s safe to say that it will be available digitally soon.  Also, it helps that FFVII has been in the Steam database for some time now.  3. Just to own the site before anyone else does.  Companies do that a lot.

Time will tell whether any of these theories are true, but we all hope more for a remake, when likely it’s more of a digital re-release.  We’ll keep everyone up to date once we find out more information.


Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 coming June 20th!

By ShadowKingpin

We all know you’ve been craving to get your hands on the next addition of the “Duels of the Planeswalkers” series, and it’s almost time for you to show off your top notch card playing skills!   (more…)

Shuggy continues his platforming adventure on another platform

Smudged Cat Games is pleased to announce that “The Adventures of Shuggy” will soon be released through Steam!  If you do not know about “The Adventures of Shuggy” Read our review HERE.

The Adventures of Shuggy was released on XBLA in June of last year to be largely ignored by everyone, but now we’re trying again,… on Steam. Yes, that’s right, despite being an excellent slice of retro-styled 2D puzzle-platforming goodness with a cracking variety of different mechanics and ingenious puzzles hardly anyone bought the game. So, if you haven’t got an XBox stay tuned to find out when you’ll be able to play it on your PC through Steam (we don’t have a release date yet).

…and if you’ve got an XBOX, go and buy the game now.

There are over 100 levels in the game connected through a gradually unlocking map screen ensuring there is always a variety of levels to choose from. Various different mechanics give each level a fresh spin with Shuggy travelling in time, swinging on ropes, rotating levels, turning to a zombie, shrinking, growing, flying, teleporting and more. The game takes place in an old Scottish mansion recently inherited by young Shuggy, a cartoon vampire. To clear the mansion of evil spirits he must venture through the five different areas of the mansion, The Dungeon, The Boiler Room, The Gallery, The Graveyard and The Clocktower. Progress through the mansion is punctuated by comic book cut scenes and the occassional boss encounter.