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Indies at First Sight: Ramen Ninja and Steam Heroes

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Ramen Ninja

Ramen Ninja
GOD DAMNIT I hate stealth games. I just picked up Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and have tried numerous times to play Deus Ex. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know how to read enemy patterns or what, but I have a tough time with these games and I grow impatient. I did however manage to successfully play Ramen Ninja. Ramen Ninja is about a ninja who had his ramen noodles stolen from his ramen noodle farm and needs to get it back. I found the gameplay at first to be quite irritating and couldn’t really find out how to stay out of enemy sight. Each enemy has a line of site which is shaped like a cone, emulating a peripheral vision. You have several tools you can use in-game such as crawl, sneak and footstomp to distract your enemies to make it to your goal. There is no time limit, but each time you’re almost caught, your star level for finishing each levels drops. In each level you must collect all the ramen noodle bowls and make it to the exit without being seen at all. In the end, I had a decent time with the game, stealth really isn’t my thing, so if you’re into those types of games, then I can recommend this title to you. Altogether, Ramen Ninja gets a 4 out of 5, it serves a challenge, it serves ramen, and it deserves a shot.

Steam Heroes

Steam Heroes
When puzzle and fighting games collide, they bring you an ultimate experience. With your band of heroes, battling your way through Bar Von Smogs minions, you are to save Steam Land. You play through various puzzles in which you have to survive and attack, in order to do this, you must match 3 like pieces in order to gain certain energy, hit a higher combo than 3 and you gain more energy for each character. Fill up the meters all the way and unleash a power attack of your choosing. There are other game modes besides your story mode, upon finishing the game, you unlock more game modes, such as a boss mode. The gameplay will get your heart racing as you quickly try to take down each minion. I found the controls just a little hard to get use to, it would be more fitting as a PC title and using a mouse. The visuals are well done, sometimes it might seem like there is too much going on in the game, just concentrate on your goal and you’ll be fine. The soundtrack and effects in-game really set in motion, this is when your heart will start racing upon trying to demolish your enemy. Altogether, I give Steam Heroes a 4 out of 5, it seems that this title went unrecognized a while back. I can recommend this title to puzzle/fighter fans and the retro gamer.

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