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ProjectorGames planning to thank customers with exclusive in-game FortressCraft Item

Article By: Master Blud

With my recent discussion with many developers on possibilities of gaining more exposure to games that were possibly their first projects. I had time to message DJ Arcas from ProjectorGames, not just to catch up on what FortressCraft has been up to, but to see how well Steam Heroes is doing. Many of you might not know, Steam Heroes is actually one of the games that DJ Arcas is responsible for.

Steam Heroes

If you haven’t already, now is the time to pick up this game. Why? Well DJ Arcas would like to thank his customers by providing an “EXCLUSIVE” in-game item for those who purchase Steam Heroes with a special Axe called “Harrison Axe” to use in your FortressCraft building. The “Harrison Axe” is said to be a Red and Gold Steam Punk version of the “Tech-Axe”. The Tech-Axe was usually given to staff or people who did great things with “FortressCraft” in-game.

Many other types of companies like Valve include in-game material in the Steam Games they have. Such as most recently, a portal turret used in Bastion on Steam. It makes me wonder, why other Indie Developers have never thought of doing this. It is also a great idea, if you have such a big hit on one of your titles to give a big thanks to those who purchase your other titles as well. Really, consider it. Let us work together to keep the structure of Xbox Indies strong. You are responsible on how you handle your title, not Microsoft. Yes, it’s nice to see Microsoft peeping their head out once in a while, but if you want something done, do it yourself. Make a nice press kit, make an awesome trailer, gather emails from press sites. That is all it takes. Now GO DO IT! Need help? Come ask us for some advice on how to get your game out there.

Note: This will not be immediate, if you purchase the game Steam Heroes, stay up to date when the patches will go out for these titles at FortressCraft Twitter. DJ Arcas would like to say thank you for your support and for supporting indies as well. We are family, join us!

Note: ProjectorGames is going to make sure all current Xbox Indie Games Rules, Guidelines, and Peer Reviewers will be on hand to ensure that no rules will be broken.


3 responses

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  2. Chris

    I bought steam heroes and got my harrison axe code after i enter it its says this code unlocks exclusive in game items but i dont know what to do next. How do i actually retrieve the axe?

    May 26, 2012 at 11:54 pm

  3. There’s some handy instructions here :

    May 27, 2012 at 5:30 am

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