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Master Blud’s Top 10 Indie Games of 2011

Article by: Master Blud

It’s been quite a year for indie games, and not just for Xbox indie games.  Seems to me that the interest for such games from brilliant independent minds has gained quite the follow.  It doesn’t take one, but many achieved either a fan base or a love for a certain genre of indie game.  Indie games use to be considered the bottom of the barrel of games, kind of feeling like the old software from your Windows 95 OS.  It didn’t take too long for them to gain quality and quantity over the year of 2011, I wonder if most of these titles were hiding from us for years until the right time to spring a chance at exposure, and they did, they succeeded.  What I would like to present to you is a list of games that I found myself playing more than just a few play sessions, and some that just left the right impression on me.  Now for your summary of reading, here is my Top 10 Indie Games of 2011.

10. Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony (PC)

I recently got into to this gorgeous shooter because of the Humble Indie Bundle 4, I immediately fell in love with Retro Arcade Shmup vibe.  This game had me on my toes, more than a few runs.  The soundtrack was absolutely epic, and the visuals just the same.  I can say that this game will stay with me forever.

9.  Hypership Out of Control (iOS)

I originally got hooked on this title when it came to Xbox Live Indie Games.  Then the game had released on iOS Devices, feeling clean, fast, and playable.  The game is possibly too fast for my own good.  There really is no stopping a ship that has lost its brakes.  I recommend this retro dodgemup/shmup for even the most modern gamer.

Image from Trailer Park King

8. Trailer Park King (XBLIG)

Yes, I love the occasional bewbs in games, but this one just had me all googly-eyed and laughing.    The humor, storyline, and the voice acting was able to keep my attention for as long as I thought it could.  I hear Trailer Park King 2 is coming very soon, so keep an eye out on the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace.

Image from VolChaos

7.  Volchaos (XBLIG)

This retro platformer had my interest for the longest time.  I proceeded to keep an eye out on the developer on updates on the game.  The game is tough, uses a retro feeling control scheme that some might not be comfortable with.  I had an absolute blast with this game, I also can say you will too.

Image from DLC Quest

6. DLC Quest (XBLIG)

Everything in the game is DLC, from moving left, character animation, jumping, and even horse armor.  One thing that sets this game apart from any other games on the service, is that it is complete satire and not to be taken seriously, it presents itself in its own way.  The game pokes fun at the use of DLC in other major titles, kinda like the season passes and map packs.

Image from Take Arms

5.  Take Arms (XBLIG)

This 2D side scrolling shooter will not replace your love for CoD franchise.  Since I do not play CoD anymore, this game was a nice change of pace.  The visuals are outstanding, and the gameplay is pretty addicting.  I felt so powerful playing this title on Xbox Live, that I even had playdates with Take Arms and just had a hell of a time teabagging my opponent in 2D.

4. Crayon Physics Deluxe (PC)

I first saw this title and facepalmed immediately.  I thought it was just some game with Crayon art.  Don’t let the looks of a game make your final judgement, go ahead and explore the game.  I found Crayon Physics Deluxe the most enchanting physics games I have ever played, the ability to draw crayon and make shapes ( Yes I made dirty shapes).

3. Blocks That Matter (PC&XBLIG)

This charming little platform has the mix of many titles, using the key references to minecraft, and tetris.  You play as a little drill robot that must save his creators, who look a lot like these 2 famous game developers.  You must solve mind bending puzzles in order to reach your goal.  This title is beautiful, charming and certainly something you must experience.

2.  Trine (PC)

This game was pretty difficult when I had first booted it up.  With a deep storyline, memorable characters, and visuals that just have you dropping your jaw.  I liked the way each character had his/her own ability to guide you through the levels safely, if it were own character, this game would fall short of my list and I probably wouldn’t play it again.

Image from Bastion

1. Bastion (PC&XBLA)

By now, you probably either heard of this game or just seen some screenshots.  I can assure you Bastion will have you hypnotized in its beautiful soundtrack, impeccable narrator,and insane visuals that will give you goosepimples.  The title has a great replay value, even without the add ons.


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