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Square Enix registers

By: ShadowKingpin

Square Enix has started up a swarm of internet buzz with news revealing that they have just registered an interesting domain name. is now a domain name that officially belongs to Square Enix.  With such a move, the internet is now hyping up theories about what it actually means.  The three main theories that seem to pop up the most are: 1. A Final Fantasy VII Remake (Least Likely).  2. Final Fantasy VII coming to Steam (Most likely).  Since Eidos published the PC version many years back and with Square Enix owning Eidos, it’s safe to say that it will be available digitally soon.  Also, it helps that FFVII has been in the Steam database for some time now.  3. Just to own the site before anyone else does.  Companies do that a lot.

Time will tell whether any of these theories are true, but we all hope more for a remake, when likely it’s more of a digital re-release.  We’ll keep everyone up to date once we find out more information.



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