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The Humble Indie Bundle #3

Article by: Underwood Lynch

Having generated over $300,000 so far at time of writing this time round, the ever-popular Humble Indie Bundle has returned to delight both fans of Indie gaming and the choice to pay what you want for video games. This incarnation, the Humble Indie Bundle #3, contains five popular titles, some of which make their Mac and Linux debuts to Steam in this pack.

The included games are:

Crayon Physics Deluxe: A physics puzzler with cheery doodle-like graphics
Cogs: An extremely puzzling puzzler
VVVVVV: One of the most popular PC Indie games last year, updated with a level editor and levels built by members of the Indie community (including Notch of Minecraft fame)
Hammerfight: A intriguing smash-em-up with survival modes and challenges
And Yet It Moves: A re-release of a platformer focused on turning the world around you, updated with new achievements.

The price is entirely up to the customer, and the purchase cost can be split, allowing you to decide how much of the money goes to charities (EFF and Child’s Play) or the developers.

Check it out here, at the Humble Bundle website!


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