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Trailer Service for Indie Developers

Dear Indie Developers,



Below are linked versions of the trailers I’ve made or had involvement in for the Indie Game releases and many more.

Below are listed from most recent trailers to older trailers.  ENJOY!

Undead Legions
Chavagotchi Music Provided by Developer, Side bar art modified by us so the video does not look plain.
Protect Our Base (Music Commission from Super Pixel Brother)
Battlepaths Official Trailer (Impressive commissioned VoiceOver/Composing) by Super Pixel Brothers
Stop SOPA (Fake Game to mock the Stop SOPA movement and article on
Indie Games Uprising III Launch Trailer
Project Gert Recon DBP 2012 Trailer
Nuclear Unicorn Force
INDIE-POCALYPSE Giveaway Promotional Trailer for Bludworks
FishCraft Release Trailer
Bit of War (God of War Demake) Teaser (MOST POPULAR and Viewed)
Gravitas Trailer
Chester PC Launch Trailer
QuadPong iOS Trailer
Tangled iOS Trailer
All Your Creeps Launch Trailer #2 (Preset Layout with iMovie11) (Done for fun-Not Original)
All Your Creeps Launch Trailer #1
Antipole European DSiWare Launch Trailer
Volchaos Infomercial (Made for a developer friend just for fun)
Last Dragon Standing Launch Trailer
Last Dragon Standing Teaser
Indie Games Summer Uprising Launch Trailer Music done by Zack Parrish and Anthony WK Morgan Both of these great gents are for hire, I completely recommend them to work on your game music as well.
Voice Over Work for Hypership Out Of Control for iOS Trailer (Voice Over)
Cosmos X2 DSiWare European Launch Trailer
Andromium Launch Trailer
Astralia Launch Trailer
Volchaos Teaser Trailer (Preset Layout with iMovie11) (Another fun trailer)
Windhaven Teaser (Pretty Epic, still waiting for game to release)
CuBlocks Trailer
Retrocade Datastream Y2K600 Release Trailer
Undead Empire Release Trailer


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