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What is Dev BitZ?

Hey!  My name is Ryan (Master Blud) Owner and Head Editor at  We also have a YouTube, did you know that?  Anyways, I have something of interest to my Indie Developer Friends.  We would like it if you, send us up to a 25 minute video at the least, on your game, whether it be in beta/aplha/released.  The video has to show mechanics, gameplay (preferably a lot), voice over while playing describing your game while playing (our viewers love commentary).  The videos you send us will be featured on our channel as Dev BitZ, a new series where developers show off their games to the world!


-The video must be in at least 720p
-Intro (Hey all, I/WE am/are yourname/studioname and this is our game _________________, and welcome to Dev BitZ.
-End the video with a way for the watchers to contact you or where to buy the game when it comes out, make sure to include the platform you are playing on!
-If you have a kickstarter, let them know about that too!
-When sending these videos, you can either tell us that you approve of us monetizing the video. or If you do not approve, your video will still be submitted.  (either way, it will be reviewed)
-Lastly, send all of this to

We will review each video and get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks and let’s see those games!


Quick BitZ: Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Quick BitZ:  Ace of Spades


Indie Spotlight: Year Walk, Descent and Star Wars 7!?!?

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.


Descent UDK footage –

Original X-Com Dev working on remake of Chaos –

Disney Buys LucasArts –

Blood, Grain and Steel –

Zombies –

Lucius –

1UP: Extra-Life (Join VVGtv and K.C. Entertainment Studios)

Hey all!

(UPDATE: I have increased the stakes, I have had solid challenges and will go forth with it.  I will limit myself to at least 15 Xbox Live Indie Games for my 24 hour Marathon for Charity.  Let’s have fun with this, For “ANY” game on the XBLIG Service “Your Choice” “ANY” Game [I will buy it, unless you have a code], for $25 I will play it for 1 hour, for $50 I will play that game for 2.5 hours) When you donate, please make sure you say “Master Blud then name the game”.

It’s that time again, and either you are new to this event or just joining us this year.  VVGtv is going to be helping out K.C. Entertainment Studios (Good Friends of VVGtv) in another year of an EXTRA LIFE Charity.   Last year, we raised $400, well over our $100 goal limit.  We are looking to top the goal this year again, possibly even more.
What I am asking you today, either if you are a developer, gamer, or someone who wishes to donate.  We are looking for game tokens to hand out to people who donate, on the hour every hour for 24 hours and possibly hold a jackpot at the end, or if you want to donate a little bit, follow this link.
Last year, K. C. Entertainment made a 1Up: The Extra-Life Documentary, which is now available on YouTube.  They recorded the whole 24 hours of gaming, with interviews from each member of the studio and great edit for us to watch.
K. C. Entertainment and myself will be streaming LIVE Games for 24 hours from 8 A.M. through until the next day on October 20th 2012.  K. C. Entertainment Studios will be streaming through their Ustream.  I will be streaming LIVE through at the same time and day.  We hope to see you there on both of the streams and chats.
If you are an Xbox indie developer and know that I have your game, and request your game to be played, make sure to make a note for the 24 hours stream to say “Master Blud – Play Name Game Here” when you donate any money at all.  For each donation over $25, I will play your game for 1 hour. (This rule has changed from the previous email as it would abuse power of donating a small amount)
I can’t wait to here back from all of you!  Game on!  Kyle from K. C. Entertainment Studios is available for any questions just daizoren [at] gmail [dot] com, you will need this email to send any redeemable tokens for the charity.

Indie Spotlight: City Tuesday

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

City Tuesday trailer courtesy of Return to adventure Mountain LLC

CORRECTION: Clearance Bin Review has only an Interview –…
and a preview –…

Return to Adventure Mountain LLC –
Twitter –

Xbox Marketplace page –…

Indie Spotlight: Castles, Breakout and Dust

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

Intro visual by Ben Textor

(HQ) Dust an Elysian Tail Trailer Courtesy of (Developer Humble Hearts
NoogyTweets Twitter
Cockroaches Vs Cleaners Trailer courtesy of Obskewer Games
S.L.A.M. Trailer courtesy of aaardmark

Castle Story Kickstarter

Indie Games Uprising
Winter Uprising
Summer Uprising
Uprising Twitter
Uprising Facebook

Murder for Dinner

Indie Spotlight: Majestic 12, Limbo’s Special Edition and some quiet time

Chomp Chomp and Pop!

Chompy Chomp Chomp has received an update today. Few fixes and additions have been placed.  Also, I like blowing bubbles (HEHEHEHEHEHE) .  THEY ADDED BUBBLES!  BUBBLE POWERUP! CAPS ARE ON!  Above is screenshot of new BUBBLE!

This update features:

  • Brand new bubble power up
  • Settings are saved instead of forgotten
  • Winning Chompy wears a crown in game
  • Immunity on spawn
  • Ability to turn all of the power ups on and off
  • Compy Chompys (AI) is less evil

Indies at First Sight: Robofish and Racedrome Offroad

Note: Click each boxart to be brought to marketlink

This title is absolutely gorgeous.  But with it being so flash and gorgeous makes it hard to actually play the game.  As a bullet hell shmup, it is certainly hell.  At some points you will not be able to know the difference between a bullet and a power up.  Everything will be too close together in the later levels, thus making the difficulty level rise.  You play as a robotic fish, equipped with a few weapons, you are able to purchase upgrades in order to destroy the horde of underwater nemesis hurdling towards you.  Robofish seems to be amongst a hardcore set of shmups.  The visuals are absolutely astounding, but the constant flashing will have you forcefully taking a break every 10 minutes.  You would probably end up getting too tired to continue to play.  Soundtrack was a nice euphoric touch, the effects were not too noticeable, as the visuals just keep you hypnotized.  Altogether Robofish gets a 4 out of 5, if the difficulty or the amount of enemies on-screen changes near the end of a wave, I would consider it a higher score.  It is a great game, but might be too hard for some people and you might become irate in the later levels.  The game serves a challenge to those whose reflexes are up to par.

Racedrome Offroad

For all the racing games on the Xbox Live Indie Game service, I do have to say this one has somewhat of a quality look to it.   The visuals are pretty well crafted, from the track, to the car itself and more importantly the menu design.  I found the controls to be way too forgiving to those who like to playing racing game, especially ones that are considered offroad.  You will find that drifting with your dirt racing vehicle is basically impossible.  I don’t know if this was intentional, but I know when I play offroad games, my car does slide a bit.  I just found the control aspect a little too unrealistic.  I would have liked to see some sort of crash damage as well.  A fire here, a broken piece or some sort of irreparable damage would have been suffice.   I had these nitpicky issues, reason being, I like racing games but suck so bad at them.  The lack of realistic controls made me rate this on a family fun level.  There is no violent crashing, nobody getting hurt, and it is quite hilarious to just watch your vehicle topple over someone and you gain the lead. One last issue, the physics, will probably piss you off a bit, but it’s all in good fun. Just a fun game.  Altogether, Racedrome Offroad gets a 4 out of 5.  The family fun factor is strong with this one.

Indies at First Sight: Lemmy Lizard Vs. The Mecha Eggs and Balloon Guard (Platformer Battle)

Lemmy Lizard Vs. The Mecha Eggs

Ok, so this game.  I don’t know what to really say.  I did not enjoy it.  Surprisingly, it is missing a lot of points of being a platformer.  For one, how can you not shoot when you are jumping?  You are able to shoot at basically all angles, but your character slightly moves with your aim, this made it very frustrating.  Another point, the enemies seemed rather difficult to demolish.  This irritated me, as it took almost 7 hits to kill even the smallest of enemies.  The enemies also get closer and closer with each hit.  The aiming mechanic made it hard to actually aim at the enemy coming your way.  The controls were just as worse, I found myself falling all the time, could be from the floaty controls.  The artwork for scenery was really well done, but the character artwork seemed lackluster.  I am sorry to say, I am extremely disappointed in this one.  Did not feel like a platformer as it is clearly trying to be.  Altogether, I give this game a 2 out of 5.  Wow, that’s horrible (Sad Face).  This game needs the feedback, and as a platformer fanatic, I hope these fixes will come into light.

Balloon Guard

This game is so corny, that I actually had a blast playing it.  This platformer is one of the main reasons why I keep playing these types of game.  I loved the presentation of where the game is based.  You are basically a clown in a circus, and you must save the falling balloons and make it the end.  I felt the level design was crafted very well.  The challenge it gave in the later levels was absolutely acceptable.  The soundtrack was, well.  It plays the ever so popular circus song “Entry of the Gladiators”.  It suited the game just fine, but was rather annoying that it was basically on repeat.  The visuals were not the greatest, but complimented the gameplay.  Everything just felt right in this title.  I would like to point out that this game reminded me of Bubsy on the Sega Genesis.  Mostly the visuals and music were able to pull those memories back in. Altogether, Balloon Guard gets a 4.5 out of 5.  I recommend you pick up this platformer today, it is certainly worth your time.  Upload a few speed runs and you are set to go.