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Indies at First Sight: Bub Block and There Will Be Brains

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Bub Block

I fought forever to find someone to play with, the game doesn’t really have an online multiplayer, instead it is replaced with local multiplayer. I had to basically beg my family to sit down and play the title as they looked at the menu screen. So I got at least 1 family member and a friend to join in on the blockish fun. The object of the game is to destroy your opponent by trapping them in an enclosed area using blocks, just moments after trapping your opponent they are demolished by blades that actually look more like washer rings you would find in your home, they could have done a little bit more with the blade work in the animations. I have to admit, I had fun for only a little bit, it died after about 40 minutes in and lost its flavor. I would honestly recommend this title to a younger audience, there is really any blood, instead it is replaced by hearts. As for my final rating on this, it gets a surprising 3 out of 5. It is a cute game and plays very well, I just couldn’t play as much as I thought I could.

There Will Be Brains

From the first time I had played the title, I do my reviews on both a Standard Definition Television and a High Definition Television. The game still has a text bug for a problem with aspect ratio on SDTVs. Don’t let this stop you from enjoying the game. The menus are pretty straight forward and the weapons are fun to play with. At first the game starts to drag really slow, then starts picking up when you aquire new weapons. Also I found it hard to judge when I am actually lined up with a zombie to kill, I keep having to nudge up or down just to hit it right, by that time, the zombies are already rapping at my gates. The game does need some polish, better text to describe what you need to do, it is far too big for the game as a whole. The soundtrack needs some work, to be honest, the soundtrack needs to be scrapped and they need to get some new music. The character needs a boost of speed and accuracy. I can honestly say, that you should at least try this title, it isn’t for everyone. Rating is a 2.5 out of 5.


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