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Bit of War gets release date, Kratos reimagined!

Article by: Master Blud
Boy am I excited to finally see Bit of War getting a release date, I have been following this project ever since I first saw it on Holmade Games Website. Some of you may not know that Holmade Games is responsible for many great titles such as Hurdle Turtle, which is a turtle racing version in a bit like form. Another title by Holmade Games is Pixel Whirled which is quirky little shooter game involving lovable vintage bit formed levels and a pirate and ninja to help you finish those levels. Both Pixel Whirled and Hurdle Turtle are currently available on iOS and Xbox Live Indie Games, so if you haven’t given them a try, I suggest you give it a go. Without any more interruption I bring you the announcement of Bit of War, coming to PC for free, and yes, it finally has a release date!

Information Grabbed from the Holmade Games Website:

As you can see, Bit of War will be heading free to PCs everywhere around the world very soon!  The game is almost finished, with just a couple of boss fights and some final polishing left.  Likely, it will be complete before Christmas. However, we do want to make sure there’s ample time for testing and as that would have pushed release just into next year anyway, we’ve settled on March 16, 2012 (a date of some significance).

Enjoy the poster above, feel free to print it out and post it up everywhere, and to go ahead and get good and excited for the game! 🙂  To help you with the home stretch of your wait here are some brand new, mint-in-the-box, never-before-seen screenshots to enjoy!

Earlier Footage of BIT OF WAR


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