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Master List

VVGtv’s “XBLIG Master List”

This list is a reference for gamers, reviewers, and XNA developers. The “Master List” is a collection of information–links, game listings, etc–that act as a database of Xbox Indie development sites.

The list is composed of three sections:

  • XBLIG Developer Links – This section focuses on the individual Xbox Indie studios, giving links to their websites when available or to their respective social networking accounts like Twitter or YouTube. Basically VVGtv wants to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use database of Xbox Indie developer websites for gamers and reviewers.
  • XBLIG Review Links The second section of the “Master List” will feature other Xbox Indie Review sites, giving users a chance for another perspective on the games themselves.
  • XNA Community Blogs – This section contains blogs and other sites from members of the XNA Community–XNA MVP’s and members who are seen as essential to the Xbox Indies community itself. This section also has personal blogs from certain developers–devblogs–of Xbox Live Indie Games.

The lists will be updated as more information is gathered and collected, and feel free to contact VVGtv to request links, studios, blogs and Xbox Indies review sites to be added to the list. We’re always looking for more development studios to be added to the list, and the Master List itself is an ongoing process that won’t ever be finished.

Without further adieu, here is VVGtv’s XBLIG Master List:

XBLIG Developer Links

2.0 Studios

Zombies 2.0

Physics Lab

8Bits Fanatics

The Tempura of the Dead

Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes

Adversary Games

Nono and the Cursed Treasure (In Development)

All Messed Up Games

Toddler Tantrum

Amused Sloth

Chickens Can Dream (WP7)

Rebellion Rise (WP7)


Around The World

Badger Punch Games


Gravity Run (In Development)

Baller Industries

Get Rich or Die Gaming

Let’s Get Fiscal! (In Development)

Barkers Crest Studios

Avatar Golf

Home Run Challenge

The Avatar Legends (In Development)

Barnyard Intelligence

Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath

High Strangeness (In Development)

BBQ Games

Unstoppable Chopper


Big Rook Games

Undead Empire  

Binary Zoo


Bionic Thumbs


Bob Taco Industries

Block Killer

Brain Seal Entertainment

Masters of Belial

Dirchie Kart

Buoyant Games

Grave Danger (Mobile)

Bwoot Games

Avatar Fighter

Graffiti LIVE!

Can’t Strafe Right Studios

Super Tank Run

Dead Pixels (In Development)

Chaosoft Games

Chaos Shift

Untitled RPG (In Development)

Coltran Studios

The Hearts of Men

Crazed Weasel Games

Lil’ Demons: Splatter


Death n’ Failure


Boom Kikker

Super Sequence 1-2

Dark Flow Studios

Decapod Studios


Derail Games

Panic Attack


Detour Games

Shield The Beat

DFT Games


Astro Match3

DigitalDNA Games

Avatar Paintball

Avatar Laser Wars

Avatar Snowball Fight

Domain of the Infinite

The Mind’s Eye of Jupiter Trilog

Dragon Divide

Alpha Squad 

Drop Dead Interactive (DDI)
Gladiators Escapade

Zombie Concentration

Dot Dash (In Development)

Dual Haze

The Zombie Shotgun Massacre 1-2

Extreme Skill



Coprenicus One (In development)

Rail Gun Charlie

Dynamic Adventures Inc


Plasma TV Break In.

Evil Robot Logic

Asteroids Do Concern Me

Excalibur Games

Aesop’s Garden

Star Crisis

Eyehook Games 

Epic Dungeon

Color Box  

Fish Factory Games

Defy Gravity

Flat Red Ball

Udder Chaos



Forgotten Star Studio

Transmute (In Development)

Vacant Skies (In Development) 

Freelance Games


Trailer Park King (In Development)

Frosty Downs

Dig Build Defend (In Development)



Fun Infused Games

Trivia or Die

Abduction Action

Hypership Out of Control

World of Chalk (In Development)

Func Works

Inca Blocks

Going Loud Studios

Lair of the Evildoer (In Development)

Zombie Accountant

Gnomic Studios

Square Off 

H3 Games

Convenient Chaos (In Develoment)

Outbreak (In Development)

Handcrafted Games

Heloli Games

Prismatic Solid

Hermit Games

Leave Home

Holmade Games 

Pixel Wirled

Hurdle Turtle

Bit of War (In PC Development)

Humble Hearts

Dust: An Elysian Tale (Coming Soon to XBLA)

Iridium Studios

Sequence (In Development)

Iron Sun Studios 



Ivatrix Games

Untitled RPG Project (In Development)

JonCorp Games

Love Hurts

Run Away!

Lotus Games

Untitled 3D Platformer/Puzzler (In Development)

Lunatic Studios

Aphelion pt. 1: Graves of the Earth

Aphelion pt. 2: Wings of Omega

Mad Ninja Corporation

ezMuze+ Hamster Edition

Bi-Planes Forever

Magical Time Bean 

Modern Intrigues

Project Gert: Moonbreaker 

Milkstone Studios

Infinity Danger


Mommy’s Best Games

Weapon of Choice

Shoot 1UP

Moonroof Studios

Dwarven Depths (In Development)

MStar Games

Space Pirates From Tomorrow

Yo Yo Yo (In Development)

NoStatic Soft 

Avatar Pinball

Kung Fu Fight (In Development)

Noware Entertainment

Knights of Jadora

Nick Gravelyn


Pixel Man

Penny Bridge Studios

The Deep Cave

Pocket Starship


Point Five Projects (P5P)

Elemental Revolt – Battlehigh: San Bruno



Steam Heroes

Puppy Games


Titan Attacks!

Revenge of the Titans

Droid Assault (In Development)

Pumpkin Games 





Dead Shift (In Development)

Quebarium Inc.

Radian Games

Crossfire 1 – 2



Rascal Haven Games

Star Dash

Red Candy Games 

TIC (In Development)

Red Crest Studios

Bonded Realities

Hyper Button

RetroBurn Games

Ultra Pool

Shadow Racers


Retro Zombie Games

Rickettz Studios

The Endless Abyss

Star Cross

Robot Foot Games

Dude Where’s My Avatar

Space Swine

Nomis: The Legacy Islands

Running Pixel

Crystal Crush
The No Button Game
Avatar Ragdolls
Bouncing Avatars

Sheepnobi (In Development)

Safari Studios

Creed Arena

Saturnine Games


Sick Creations

End of Days: Infected Vs. Mercs

Nuclear Wasteland 2030

KGB: Episode One

Silver Dollar Games


Try Not to Fart

Outbreak on Uranus


Lazy Gamer (In Development)

Single Malt Games

Shining Gate Software

Decay Pt. 1-3

Decay Pt. 4 (In Development) 

Small Cave Games

Ophidian Wars: Opac’s Journey

Legends of Kilflame (In Development)

Smudged Cat Games


A Bomb’s Way


Sool Style

Wages of War (In Development)

Spyn Doctor Games


Your Doodles Are Bugged!

Golden Tangram

Sorcery Games

Dreamland Chronicles


Starting Pixel Games

Spider Silk

Moden Hunt

Stegersaurus Games 

Baby Maker Extreme! 1 & 2

Mega Monster Mania

Tank Strike

Sterling Games


Pure Carnage 

Storyteller Games

Kissy Poo

Stray Fox Studios

Shadowndawn Genesis

Substance Games

Miner Dig Deep

Wizard’s Keep

Suitz Ethics

Kinetic Tennis

Kinetic Kube S 

Swing Swing Submarine

Blocks That Matter (In Development)

BlueBones Curse 


TWP: Spine of the World

Trinity Wars (In Development)

Top Notched


TruFun Entertainment

UberGeek Games 

Dungeon Adventure

Awesome Tank

Super Avatar Hero Force

Whisper Game Studios

Elysia (In Development)

Wolpertinger Games

Poo Pocalypse (In Development)


Puzzle Lights
Chaos Wilds (In Development)

Xona Games

Decimation X/X3

Zanrai Interactive

Heaven Variant (In Development)

Zeboyd Games

Cthulhu Saves the World

Breath of Death VII

Zombie Bonsai

Hedge Wizard

Zombie Monkey Studios

Chaos Node

Break Limit: Triton Omega

Last Age (In Development)

Ynoham Games

XBLIG Review Links

Sergeant Conker 

The Ones With The Light

Uber Game Monkey

ViNull – M. Neel’s Blog

XNA Development

XNA Forums

XNA Junkie

XNA Notes

ZMan’s Diary


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