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What is Dev BitZ?

Hey!  My name is Ryan (Master Blud) Owner and Head Editor at  We also have a YouTube, did you know that?  Anyways, I have something of interest to my Indie Developer Friends.  We would like it if you, send us up to a 25 minute video at the least, on your game, whether it be in beta/aplha/released.  The video has to show mechanics, gameplay (preferably a lot), voice over while playing describing your game while playing (our viewers love commentary).  The videos you send us will be featured on our channel as Dev BitZ, a new series where developers show off their games to the world!


-The video must be in at least 720p
-Intro (Hey all, I/WE am/are yourname/studioname and this is our game _________________, and welcome to Dev BitZ.
-End the video with a way for the watchers to contact you or where to buy the game when it comes out, make sure to include the platform you are playing on!
-If you have a kickstarter, let them know about that too!
-When sending these videos, you can either tell us that you approve of us monetizing the video. or If you do not approve, your video will still be submitted.  (either way, it will be reviewed)
-Lastly, send all of this to

We will review each video and get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks and let’s see those games!


Okami HD announced.


Capcom announced today that an HD Okami is scheduled to be released on PSN in Japan and North America later this year for $19.99. The game will support Playstation Move, but it is not required. Also, Okami HD will have a full trophy set for all of your trophy needs. The game looked beautiful on PS2 and Wii and it will be a real treat to play again in HD. I’m curious to see how Move support holds up, as I first played the game on Wii, but I don’t think I’ll be buying Move just for this game.

Watch the trailer here.

Dragon’s Lair Review (XBLA)

Well, the Dragon’s Lair game has been presented in many digital forms.  The one it is known for (and the best), is being on the Laser Disc, where it was first introduced.  It took  you playing a movie, 5 buttons to push, and you being able to be quick and correct enough to pass on to the next area.  All the directions and an action button were your main controls.  Dragon’s Lair is back now, for the Xbox Arcade with Kinect Controls.  Do the Kinect controls make the game all the better? Let’s find out. (more…)

EA & Sony to attend Gamescom 2012 without Microsoft & Nintendo

By: ShadowKingpin

It’s no surprise that Gamescom is the biggest gaming expo in Europe, but what does it say when Microsoft & Nintendo decide not to show up?  Well, EA & Sony have made the decision to go, according to Joystiq. (more…)

The Nintendo Digital Content Highlights-June 7th

By: ShadowKingpin

For all of you Wii, 3DS & DSi owners out there, Nintendo has an amazing content update for you to enjoy! (more…)

Raptr’s Side Quest Promotion: Win Superfantastical prizes for following these fun topics!

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With our recent collaboration with Raptr, we are going to post some Raptr events here on VVGtv.  I mean what better than staying in touch with the games we might love.  I know, I know, we cover indie games here.  But this is consider more of a news post in the world of gaming, than our usual reviews.  We aim to provide enough content for the reader, so he or she will enjoy their visit and find much more on here.  Well without me constantly mumbling on here.  I bring you Raptr’s Side Quest Promo.

The gaming world is vast and wide. Trying to (more…)