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Lung Cancer Research Foundation: LIVE Stream Charity Event

Daizoren will be hosting a LIVE Gaming Stream via his Twitch channel at for Lung Cancer Research Foundation.  I hope you will join us and helping support this charity by donating today and  watching LIVE on Saturday between 10 AM EST to 10 PM EST.  To donate, go here:
Want to know more?  Watch the video below!

Indie Spotlight: Smooth Operators

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

Smooth Operators trailer courtesy of Heydeck Games

The Indie Mine Interview –
Clearance Bin Review Smooth Operators Preview –
Clearance Bin Review Interview –
Clearance Bin Review Heydeck Games Article –

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VVGtv’s FREDS FRIDAYS Number 7 You’re Grounded!

Well it has been quite a run for Fred for the past 7 weeks. He ended up playing too long here at VVGtv, now it seems he is grounded in his basement for a while, by whom, I have no idea. He will escape again, find out his parents are gone, and the rest of the world has turned to taco eating zombies. It will be sad to see Fred leave this site for a while. Maybe he will pick up his trail on another site as well. Fred is on a journey, he needs to get use to his surroundings, he also needs to find that damn twinky factory, because ya know, twinkies last forever, according to some zombie movie.

At this moment and time I would like you to visit the developers website located at Sticky DPad Games and also follow them on their twitter as well at @StickyDPadGames.

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