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July Charity (Autism Speaks)


By: MasterBlud

Kyle, aka Daizoren, is doing another LIVE Stream for Charity event.  Last time, you may remember Kyle did one for Lung Cancer Research, he came up short  to $130 out of the $500 goal.  This time, you can donate to the Autism Research Charity under his Go Fund Me page.  Kyle is also doing this as a birthday present to Indie Gamer Chick‘s 2 year birthday of the website.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY To our dearest friends over at Indie Gamer Chick, and welcome the newcomers as well.  I am still trying to get back into things, been so busy!  Love ya all!  If you can not DONATE, SHARE with ALL YOUR FRIENDS.  LIVE STREAM will be at DAIZORENS TWITCH CHANNEL’ on July 12th at 12pm EST!  Want to know more, watch the video below!