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What is Dev BitZ?

Hey!  My name is Ryan (Master Blud) Owner and Head Editor at  We also have a YouTube, did you know that?  Anyways, I have something of interest to my Indie Developer Friends.  We would like it if you, send us up to a 25 minute video at the least, on your game, whether it be in beta/aplha/released.  The video has to show mechanics, gameplay (preferably a lot), voice over while playing describing your game while playing (our viewers love commentary).  The videos you send us will be featured on our channel as Dev BitZ, a new series where developers show off their games to the world!


-The video must be in at least 720p
-Intro (Hey all, I/WE am/are yourname/studioname and this is our game _________________, and welcome to Dev BitZ.
-End the video with a way for the watchers to contact you or where to buy the game when it comes out, make sure to include the platform you are playing on!
-If you have a kickstarter, let them know about that too!
-When sending these videos, you can either tell us that you approve of us monetizing the video. or If you do not approve, your video will still be submitted.  (either way, it will be reviewed)
-Lastly, send all of this to

We will review each video and get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks and let’s see those games!


Indie Spotlight: The Novelist, Teslagrad and Among the Sleep!!!

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

OUYA showing open public E3 event –
Among the Sleep funded –

Kyle plays “Among the Sleep” alpha –

Cognition –
Reus –

Horror Compilation of Slender: The Arrival (DAIZOREN’S GAMING CHANNEL!)

If you like what you see here, you should totally go subscribe to Kyle’s (Daizoren) gaming channel!

Indie Spotlight: Undead Legions, Pixels, and Adventures

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

Undead Legions Marketlink:…
Fairune Marketlink Link:
ORGAN TRAIL Directors Cut:

Indie Spotlight: Lococycle, Steam Greenlight and Black Mesa!

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

DJ Mole
Project Giana

Steam Greenlight –
Black Mesa Source –
Gamestop vintage store –

They Bleed Pixels –
Mobiloid –
Gotham City Impostors –

Journey: Collector’s Edition Is A Sweet Deal!








Thatgamecompany’s three critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive downloadable titles come together on one Blu-ray disc  August 28th for $29.99. Journey: Collector’s Edition, the company’s first retail release, bundles thatgamecompany’s latest success, Journey, along with 2007’s Flow and 2009’s Flower, plus a boat load of bonus content. (more…)

Okami HD announced.


Capcom announced today that an HD Okami is scheduled to be released on PSN in Japan and North America later this year for $19.99. The game will support Playstation Move, but it is not required. Also, Okami HD will have a full trophy set for all of your trophy needs. The game looked beautiful on PS2 and Wii and it will be a real treat to play again in HD. I’m curious to see how Move support holds up, as I first played the game on Wii, but I don’t think I’ll be buying Move just for this game.

Watch the trailer here.

Dust 514 High-End Gear To Cost You 24 Cents…..After Every Time You Die

By: ShadowKingpin

Micro-transactions are a big thing in the MMORPG universe.  In EVE Online, you can spend so little to get so much, and it isn’t going to change in Dust 514.   (more…)

Rainbow Moon coming to PSN in July

By: ShadowKingpin

The long awaited “By gamers, for gamers” Playstation Network RPG title is set to release in July.  The game is being created by EastAsiaSoft, and promises to deliver gameplay with 40+ hours and open world exploration.  Rainbow Moon will be available on July 4th for Europe and will cost you €12.99/£9.99, while the US will be shortly after in that very month for $14.99 and in Hong Kong for their equivalent of 14.99.   (more…)

Playstation Play Week- June 17th

By: ShadowKingpin

Greetings fellow readers!  As your Playstation Editor, I would love to build a good friendship with all of you by creating an article once every week that allows us all to talk about games we are playing or about to play for the week.  I really look forward to hearing more from all of you!   (more…)