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What is Dev BitZ?

Hey!  My name is Ryan (Master Blud) Owner and Head Editor at  We also have a YouTube, did you know that?  Anyways, I have something of interest to my Indie Developer Friends.  We would like it if you, send us up to a 25 minute video at the least, on your game, whether it be in beta/aplha/released.  The video has to show mechanics, gameplay (preferably a lot), voice over while playing describing your game while playing (our viewers love commentary).  The videos you send us will be featured on our channel as Dev BitZ, a new series where developers show off their games to the world!


-The video must be in at least 720p
-Intro (Hey all, I/WE am/are yourname/studioname and this is our game _________________, and welcome to Dev BitZ.
-End the video with a way for the watchers to contact you or where to buy the game when it comes out, make sure to include the platform you are playing on!
-If you have a kickstarter, let them know about that too!
-When sending these videos, you can either tell us that you approve of us monetizing the video. or If you do not approve, your video will still be submitted.  (either way, it will be reviewed)
-Lastly, send all of this to

We will review each video and get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks and let’s see those games!



Quick BitZ: Freedom Planet (Demo)

Freedom Planet –
Freedom Planet Kickstarter –

Indie Spotlight: Pier Solar HD, Bundles and Ghosts and Goblins?

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.


Maldita Castilla trailer courtesy of Locomalito

Chronoblast trailer courtesy of Norty Games

Beatdown trailer courtesy of Ravenous Games

Pier Solar HD – Indie Royale – Humble Indie Bundle –

Partison Nation –

Slender’s Night –

Pushcat –

K.C. Entertainment Studios –

Indie Spotlight: 3rd Indie Uprising, Subduction and a new Pitfall?

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight, bringing the latest in news, trailers and new releases in the Indie Video Game area.

Gasketball trailer courtesy of Kert Gartner
Subduction trailer courtesy of DigiPen
Indie Games Uprising III trailer courtesy of Ryan Donnelly

Gasketball –
Subduction –
Indie Games Uprising 3-

Jungle Adventure –
Gateways –
Freedom Planet –

Hero Academy (Steam) –
2022 Space Invasion –
Symphony –

Indie Spotlight: Kittens, Angry Towers and Robots

Shellrazer Trailer courtesy of SlickEntInc
Unmechanical Trailer courtesy of Talawa Games & Teotl Studios.
P-3 Biotic Trailer courtesy of BatCat Games

Indie Gala Bundle

Super Techno Kitten Adventure Kickstarter

Cute Things Dying Violently
Sushi Castle…

Number Thunder Exclusive by Neon Blue Game Studio

Ironzilla Teams Up with Castle Crashers Composers for Game on Kickstarter

By: ShadowKingpin

Castle Crashers fans rejoice!  A new game from Indie game creators at Ironzilla are currently working towards getting funding for a new game for IOS with music done by Symphony of Specters, the geniuses behind the Castle Crashers soundtrack.   (more…)

Kick, Punch, Operate and PRESS START: Team2Bit Needs Your Help

Write up by: Master Blud
Team2Bit has some great personality.  These veteran game developers need your help.  They have started a Kickstarter campaign that will run to April 29th.  They are in need of a $10,ooo.  That is a lot of quarters.  The game being presented in the Kickstarter campaign is “Fist Puncher”.  In Fist Puncher, you are Dr. Karate (Neurosurgeon and Karate Master), you lead a team of vigilantes.  You must help the lawless city from the crime lords’ reign of terror.  Fist puncher has a more different experience than your typical side scroller beat em up.  It gives the essence of what they like to call “Double Dragon meets Castle Crashers”.  Both of those titles peak my interest.  Although the art style is of a “Retro/Nostalgic” look, it is safe to say that you need to play more variety of games.  It isn’t all about your Call of Duty or your Mass Effect.  Why not take time away from those games and play something different, or gain interest in a different approach.  Ya know, that is just the nostalgia talking.  So I will leave you to it.  I support these fellers, I think you should to.  Also, I just caught up with “The Next Game Boss”, and would like to congratulate the team on winning this uber prize.  Below is the official press release  from Team2Bit themselves.  Good luck guys.  I am looking forward to karate and open brain surgery.


Imagine Me? Imagine You, helping an indie developer!

Introduction to Chris 

My name is Christopher Figueroa. I’m just one person, making a game called Imagine Me for Mac, PC, iOS, iPad, and Android.

I’ve been making games for years, I’ve received a lot of emails from people telling me to take my games farther, so here I am. Asking the community to help me make this game available to the World.

About Chris

Imagine me is a platformer game about a boy that wakes up in (more…)