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What is Dev BitZ?

Hey!  My name is Ryan (Master Blud) Owner and Head Editor at  We also have a YouTube, did you know that?  Anyways, I have something of interest to my Indie Developer Friends.  We would like it if you, send us up to a 25 minute video at the least, on your game, whether it be in beta/aplha/released.  The video has to show mechanics, gameplay (preferably a lot), voice over while playing describing your game while playing (our viewers love commentary).  The videos you send us will be featured on our channel as Dev BitZ, a new series where developers show off their games to the world!


-The video must be in at least 720p
-Intro (Hey all, I/WE am/are yourname/studioname and this is our game _________________, and welcome to Dev BitZ.
-End the video with a way for the watchers to contact you or where to buy the game when it comes out, make sure to include the platform you are playing on!
-If you have a kickstarter, let them know about that too!
-When sending these videos, you can either tell us that you approve of us monetizing the video. or If you do not approve, your video will still be submitted.  (either way, it will be reviewed)
-Lastly, send all of this to

We will review each video and get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks and let’s see those games!


LIVE Streaming Event: Guncraft for PC

This Thursday, join @MasterBlud in an awesome LIVE Stream event (This time it’s planned) at 5pm EST! Developers and myself will be available to answer your burning questions. For more info on Guncraft, visit their website.

IndieCity Opens to the Public!

Article by: Master Blud

It has come to my attention that IndieCity went LIVE Recently.  They have a collection of really great titles.  Now you might be thinking that some games might not be your taste on the service, IndieCity is f (more…)

First Day Impressions: Battlefield 3 Beta (PC v.s. Xbox 360)

By: Daizoren

After a single day of playing the beta for Battlefield 3 on both P.C. and on the Xbox 360 (Mind you, the Xbox servers were having trouble, so more time was spent with the P.C. Version), here are the big, blatant differences that I noticed when playing. Let’s remember that this is based on the Beta and not a full version of the game, so there will be parts that are only because of the beta.