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Lung Cancer Research Foundation: LIVE Stream Charity Event

Daizoren will be hosting a LIVE Gaming Stream via his Twitch channel at for Lung Cancer Research Foundation.  I hope you will join us and helping support this charity by donating today and  watching LIVE on Saturday between 10 AM EST to 10 PM EST.  To donate, go here:
Want to know more?  Watch the video below!

Bluddy Geek Culture: Neckropchips and Wrecking It!

By: Master Blud

Well, I had pretty long day.   Went to the River Street Festival, listened to bands playing, seeing kids getting their face painted, and pony rides at $5 a pop.  There was something else going beneath all the festivities.  Sidewalk chalk, hundreds of squares along the sidewalk were chalked together from locals in competition.  Some were just doing it just for fun.  But one in particular caught my eye.  It was the character from the upcoming movie “Wreck-it Ralph” from Disney/Pixar on the sidewalk.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  I was like “OMG it’s Wreck-it Ralph”……yes I said it like that. (more…)

Do the Monster Mash with Long Awaited Fortress Craft Content Update!


    XBOX Indie Game sensation FortressCraft has had their latest patch drop. Content Patch 9 brings a new, flesh-hungry element to the game – zombies. Of course, with zombies comes the tools one needs to fight off the horde – which can be as large as 512 zeds. Sawblades and turrets have been added to defeat the brain-hungry masses; however, those who purchase ProjectorGames’ other title, Steam Heroes, will also have the Harrison Axe with which to slug the monstrosities. Zombies are fully customizable and, upon entering a new world, you’ll never know what variation of these walking dead you’ll be going up against.

Another new addition to the game includes the Neoteric Axe, the winner of the Design a New Axe Contest. This beautifully designed item has a special advantage over the normal pickaxe – it allows the player to edit their spawn tower.

If you enjoy Spleef, you’ll be pleased with yet another feature of this content patch. Your skillfully constructed arenas will now rebuild themselves after a game. This will allow for less repairs and more epic battles in the Spleef Arena.

Other features of the patch include: an “Underground” level type, new light models with which to brighten your world, and weapons and stats screens. 31-player multiplayer has been included unofficially, but will be open to the public within the next few weeks – allowing more players than ever to build together.

FortressCraft: Chapter 1 is available for purchase on the XBOX Indie Game Market for 240MSP.
Steam Heroes is available for purchase on the XBOX Indie Game Market for 240MSP.

Drum it up with A-Band (Interview with Flammable Games)

A-Band is a music game based on the Xbox drum kit peripheral.  The Arcade mode features 12 of the most promising indie rock bands from around the world from places such as the U.S., S (more…)

We are being invaded, sound the alarm (Red Invasion Releases)

Milkstone Studios launches an air strike on the Tower Defense genre!
Red Invasion features a more dynamic view of the classic Tower Defense
genre, which will require both reflexes and strategy in order to
accomplish the 30 missions available in the game.

Place your turrets wisely and don’t forget about the power plants that
will gather resources from dead enemies, and upgrade the turrets once
they get enough experience to increase their killing potential! Launch
airstrikes, Mortar support, or Spy planes to detect stealth units!

Featuring 30 varied missions on 3 different military settings, Red
offers hours of addictive gameplay, for just $1!

Kick, Punch, Operate and PRESS START: Team2Bit Needs Your Help

Write up by: Master Blud
Team2Bit has some great personality.  These veteran game developers need your help.  They have started a Kickstarter campaign that will run to April 29th.  They are in need of a $10,ooo.  That is a lot of quarters.  The game being presented in the Kickstarter campaign is “Fist Puncher”.  In Fist Puncher, you are Dr. Karate (Neurosurgeon and Karate Master), you lead a team of vigilantes.  You must help the lawless city from the crime lords’ reign of terror.  Fist puncher has a more different experience than your typical side scroller beat em up.  It gives the essence of what they like to call “Double Dragon meets Castle Crashers”.  Both of those titles peak my interest.  Although the art style is of a “Retro/Nostalgic” look, it is safe to say that you need to play more variety of games.  It isn’t all about your Call of Duty or your Mass Effect.  Why not take time away from those games and play something different, or gain interest in a different approach.  Ya know, that is just the nostalgia talking.  So I will leave you to it.  I support these fellers, I think you should to.  Also, I just caught up with “The Next Game Boss”, and would like to congratulate the team on winning this uber prize.  Below is the official press release  from Team2Bit themselves.  Good luck guys.  I am looking forward to karate and open brain surgery.



BludWorks is happy to announce the INDIE-POCALYPSE GIVEAWAY for the Xbox Live Indie Games! Currently Xbox Live Indie Developers do not have the ability to do a “Bundle”. They thought it would be very awesome to take a different approach on the situation and try to make it a regular thing.
In the bundle we have over 20+ games and different bundle prizes to give away with a fraction of those games, which will include smaller amounts of the games. Thus making it a 2nd prize, 3 prize and so on. There will al


Holy Insanity (20 Games) Released from the Indie Skies!

20 Games: To Play With Your Mates

IndieSkies presents 20 Games, a multiplayer party game now available on Xbox Live Indie Games. Up to four players can take part in new and exciting arcade games. 20 Games is full of clever redesigns of classic titles and innovative new ideas. Created as an ode to classic multiplayer gaming they hope to rekindle some love for old school sofa gaming.

20 Games was developed in a playful atmosphere to create the best social gaming experience possible. It has been taken to several game conferences across the UK and has been well received by all who have had the pleasure of playing it. It is the perfect game to play with others.

Each game was crafted over weeks of playtesting. Fight for first place in Drift Pixel. Wrestle your opponent out of the ring in Sumo. Hunt the infection and survive the night in Not My Brains. Land your vessel safely in Astro Pods. Neutralise your friends to acquire new weapons in Gun Lab. Get together with your mates and play 20 Games.

You can find 20 Games here:


Packed With Games – A variety of games from many genres including: Turn-based strategy, Sport, Racing, Top Down, Arcade and Classic.

All Multiplayer – 20 polished multiplayer games offer a variety of competitive and cooperative play.

Innovative – Try to eat your friends in Mutant Space Worm, swing maces at each other in Dungeon Diamonds or do battle with the quirky control schemes of Sumo and Two Track Tanks.

Endless Fun – Fight your friends for high scores or fight with them to complete fiendishly difficult challenges.

Content Rich – Each game was created separately and has a unique style of art, sound and music.

Insane Price – 80msp for 20 quality multiplayer games means 4msp per game. The best deal on Xbox.

Let Hypership Out of Control Make Your Heart Reach Ludacris Speed! -For Free!

There is no better way to say “I love you” than with the give of Hypership Out of Control. On this very special day of love, Fun Infused Games will be offering our critically acclaimed title Hypership Out of Control for iPhone and iPad free. For those doing math, that’s over 100% off the normal price. This is a one day only sale so hurry and get it before it goes back to it’s normal price of $.99.

“Flowers, chocolates, those things are child’s play,” said Fun Infused Games founder Kris Steele. “Hypership Out of Control, now that’s a hardcore Valentine’s Day gift. We hope you all enjoy it.”

Hypership Out of Control places you inside an insanely fast spacecraft rocketing through space, accelerator pushed to the floor and brakes gone the way of the dodo.  Your goal is to survive as long as you can by dodging or destroying asteroids, space mines, and floating blocks that realistically have no business being in space. The longer you live, the higher your score and the more bragging rights you will have thanks to Game Center support for Leaderboards and Achievements.

Game Features:

4 unique game modes plus forward and reverse for each.

Game Center support for Leaderboards and Achievements.

6 Hyperships to play as.

Super retro graphic emulation!

Asteroids as big as your head!

Maniacal laughter that mocks your death!

App Store:




VVGtv Exclusive: Freds Fridays #4, Our Visual Journey Begins!

Alright you creeps, it’s Freds Fridays. We know you love seeing the exclusive stuff here on VVGtv. Make sure to share with anyone you please, even linking in to past Freds Fridays as well. This week we are treated to a teaser trailer to Night of the Fred by Sticky DPad Games, and boy oh boy does it set the mood. Although cartoonish, it gives me the chills every time I watch it now. We hope you enjoy this weeks Freds Friday. Below is a little breakdown and update on the development process of Night of the Fred. Follow them on twitter too @StickDPadGames.

For the trailer:
The main idea for it is just to give people a glimpse of what the games about. As well as the games feel and atmosphere. Since announcing the game, we haven’t really revealed much, and nothing at all video wise. So we decided to put together a teaser trailer with what we have so far. Admittedly, there’s no zombie killing gameplay, but who’s to say there won’t be next month? 😉

The trailer is showing Fred go through some of the different areas in the game. Firstly there’s the first town of the game, LeafFall, Fred’s home town. Secondly is the snow town of the game, and thirdly, is a key scene in the game, but we ain’t tellin’! I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory!

Development is going well. We now have the inventory in and working! We’re also working on companions, quite a few of them as well! Work on the second town has begun, and still on course to hit that October 2012 release date!