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Ravaged Review (PC Indie)

So, I was tempted to play this game for a while since the beta. I didn’t want to play the beta, so I didn’t. For the reason that I don’t like to help with the development process if I am to review the game or am anticipating on reviewing the game. So anywho, I just got a new PC for both my gaming and video editing needs. Low and behold, I have found some really great games. But does Ravaged really hold up to the hype it had before release? Let’s continue.

As bad as this may sound, Ravaged needs some serious work.  Even for a PC indie game, the game is setting the limits a little too high.  For example, I swer it, even with a great graphics card and up to date hardware/software, this game ran like it was straight out of a PS1.  Lots of framerate drops, even on the lowest of settings, which in my opinion killed the game right off the bat.


The characters in the title menu and even the trailer, look nothing like that in the game.  Instead it feels like a cheap version of a Borderlands/Fallout/Call of Duty nonsense.  Both the Keyboard/Mouse and Xbox Controller controls were horrible.  The vehicles were the most atrocious to control, either you make it like Halo controls, or make it your typical race car/helicopter controls.  This made experience less pleasing and every time I booted up the game, I quit shortly after.  Onto the multiplayer aspect; I gave this game a try over and over again and saw how many people were on and what time of the day.  The player count kept diminishing until there were hardly any more players even at the peak of the day.  The fact that this game is Multiplayer ONLY, also killed the fun out of it.

Final Conclusion:

Although this game could have been as great as the trailer portrayed it to be, I am going to give this game a 2.5 out of 5.  This game needs a lot of work and should have stayed in beta for longer than it did.  I would not recommend getting this game at the current price of the review $24.99.  Instead, it needs to be a free-to-play with microtransactions (shudder, I can’t believe I said that) or $9.99 with all the do-dads and what not.  This game is not that enjoyable.  This game needs a serious overhaul of fixes.  If you feel like giving it a shot, head on over to Steam and purchase it, HERE.


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