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Extra-Life Charity Streaming Schedule (and prizes) DONATE NOW

Alright so I have less than an hour to post this.  I have to take a shower, slap myself in the face and set up stream.  There are many prizes being given away today, but you have to donate.  Leave your twitter name for us so we contact you better.  To donate, go HERE.  The prizes being shown are HERE at this stream (K.C. Entertainment Studios), I (Master Blud) will be streaming these games below OVER HERE.   Follow the LIVE Action over at our twitters K.C. Entertainment Studios and Master Blud.  Game on everybody!

8 AM – One Million Taps

10:30 AM – Platformance: Temple Death

11:30 AM – Nebulon

12:30pm Blow

2:30pm Resistor

3:30pm Veks and Silence

4:30pm Drinkards Beer Pong

6:30pm 3 Dead Zed (PC)

7:30pm Whatever I want……….Yeh.

9:00pm Slender on PC (I will be wearing my headphones)

10pm8am Whatever I want, possibly some steam games and xbox games


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