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1UP: Extra-Life (Join VVGtv and K.C. Entertainment Studios)

Hey all!

(UPDATE: I have increased the stakes, I have had solid challenges and will go forth with it.  I will limit myself to at least 15 Xbox Live Indie Games for my 24 hour Marathon for Charity.  Let’s have fun with this, For “ANY” game on the XBLIG Service “Your Choice” “ANY” Game [I will buy it, unless you have a code], for $25 I will play it for 1 hour, for $50 I will play that game for 2.5 hours) When you donate, please make sure you say “Master Blud then name the game”.

It’s that time again, and either you are new to this event or just joining us this year.  VVGtv is going to be helping out K.C. Entertainment Studios (Good Friends of VVGtv) in another year of an EXTRA LIFE Charity.   Last year, we raised $400, well over our $100 goal limit.  We are looking to top the goal this year again, possibly even more.
What I am asking you today, either if you are a developer, gamer, or someone who wishes to donate.  We are looking for game tokens to hand out to people who donate, on the hour every hour for 24 hours and possibly hold a jackpot at the end, or if you want to donate a little bit, follow this link.
Last year, K. C. Entertainment made a 1Up: The Extra-Life Documentary, which is now available on YouTube.  They recorded the whole 24 hours of gaming, with interviews from each member of the studio and great edit for us to watch.
K. C. Entertainment and myself will be streaming LIVE Games for 24 hours from 8 A.M. through until the next day on October 20th 2012.  K. C. Entertainment Studios will be streaming through their Ustream.  I will be streaming LIVE through at the same time and day.  We hope to see you there on both of the streams and chats.
If you are an Xbox indie developer and know that I have your game, and request your game to be played, make sure to make a note for the 24 hours stream to say “Master Blud – Play Name Game Here” when you donate any money at all.  For each donation over $25, I will play your game for 1 hour. (This rule has changed from the previous email as it would abuse power of donating a small amount)
I can’t wait to here back from all of you!  Game on!  Kyle from K. C. Entertainment Studios is available for any questions just daizoren [at] gmail [dot] com, you will need this email to send any redeemable tokens for the charity.

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