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Squid Grips for Xbox Controllers (Review)


We here at VVGtv have always been interested more than just indie games, and arcade titles.  We have had contacted a few people regarding products we were interested in.  Myself, I don’t like anything that is attached to my controller.  But I started seeing more of these “Squid Grips” which are for your controller to help increase your grip on your controller.  Now I am all for controllers with grips right on them, such as Mad Catz, they usually make the controller look pretty good.  But with some Mad Catz controllers I have had the occasional issue with response time and sticky buttons.  So I usually stick with my actual Xbox Controller.


So I had inquired about “Squid Grips” and I have to say, I am amazed at how much of a difference they are compared to a controller that has grips on them.  For the price it is at $14.99, seems like they are trying to help their fellow gamers.  So I continued to apply them, which is fairly easy and really hard to mess up even if you don’t put it right on the line.  They make my controller look sexy.  But looks aren’t everything, how do they feel?  They felt like a pillow for my hands.  As someone who plays 24-30hrs a week of games, this was an immediate comfort for my hands.  They are even there as sort of a stress/massage ball where you put your palms on.  If you end up getting them, instead of getting angry at the game, try squeezing the controller.  I honestly felt immediate relief and continued playing with less aggravation than I had previously due to that motherf*cking camper.   I am not much of a fan for add-ons for game controllers.  But it seems, even though this is a “APPLY ONCE” situation, it is worth your consideration.

Hardly noticeable when holding
Instant Stress Ball

If you take it off, more than likely you will not be able to reapply it anywhere else.  So try not to break your controller.


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