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Rock Band Blitz Review (XBLA)

Review by: Master Blud
As most know, I am addicted to rhythm based games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Both of them hold a special place in my heart. Both are equally fun and challenging. As a musician, I found these games a great step out of the actual ability to play “real instruments”. Sometimes, a break from reality is what we need. Some of us use video games to channel anger and aggression if one is feeling like sh*t that day. Rock Band Blitz brings you more of that rhythm music to your living room. The only difference is that you don’t use 1 instrument and don’t use the peripherals (Microphone, Guitar or Drum Kit). Instead you are to use your controller, and choose the tracks you want to play.

Immediately when I started playing, I didn’t even bother playing the tutorial. I felt so comfortable playing the way they wanted it to be. I did however, ended up visiting the tutorial the just see what I am supposed to be doing. I am glad I did, I had more fun after doing so. The object of the game is to get the highest score you can get. You can even challenge your friends to a score war……..I am still to finish a few. There is even an option to use a community based challenges through Facebook. The Facebook application is a nice touch, I didn’t feel it completely needed to enjoy the time you will have playing.

There are Overdrive powerups, Note power ups and track powerups. Each of these powers help increase your score and multiplier. My personal favorite power up is using road rage…..just the road rage. If I got the overdrive meter up all the way, I could clear the highway ahead of me a great deal. Rock Band Blitz still plays the same, but with a controller. There are different control schemes for everyone. I ended up using “Freakish” control scheme, seemed the most energetic when it came to playing the game. Rock Band Blitz supports all earlier Rock Band DLC and anything from the Rock Band Network. So I proceeded to download I MAED A GA3M W1TH Z0MB1EZ 1N 1T!!1 from James Silva. Totally rocked that song for 13 minutes.

Much like the other Rock Band Games, the game play area is a highway of notes set in a rhythm motion and you must hit them in a timely manner. Make sure to head on over to the calibration to get that achievement too. This way you will stay on beat with your songs. The visuals are a little trippy, as it is not a straight highway of notes. Instead, it is an actual “Highway” of notes. You play on a road where all the notes are laid out with each instrument. There can be up to 5 lanes at a time covering all Rock Band instruments. Don’t always pay attention to one track, rotate with each verse or break down. Look at your highway ahead and see if you can grab the next multiplier to boost your score at the end.

I had countless hours of fun with Rock Band Blitz, I ended up almost playing all of my previous DLC that I had purchased when I started playing Rock Band. The soundtrack of the game has some memorable hits and some I didn’t really care for, I am more of a classic rock/metal/punk lover. Don’t let the soundtrack stop you, there is over 3,000 songs now on the market and I am pretty sure you’ll find something you’ll like. Altogether Rock Band Blitz gets a 4.8 out of 5, it could have had an option to use the Guitar at least, using Red and Green and the primary buttons and the strum bar to change lanes. By the way, I spent 14 hours playing this game in one sitting the 2nd time I played it. This title is recommended for those music lovers.


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