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Indie Game of the Week: Red Invasion: Tower Defense

Just by looking at this game makes you go WOAH!  Possibly one of the better games that Milkstone Studios has created.  This title reminds me so much of Command and Conquer, except this game is on the rails tower defense instead  of straight RTS.  The objective is to keep your tower safe away from oncoming enemies, and at times, the enemies rush really quick.  Building your defenses in a timely manner is key to your success and is rewarding at the end.  You will end up finding yourself going through all of your defenses in the blink of an eye the more you play.   It isn’t about how many defenses you have, it’s about how you place them and choose which to upgrade.  The visuals are sexy, although some of the maps may seem a bit small, but for 80 MS Points, you can’t go wrong.  The audio in the game gets me going, enough for the next battle.  I would like to see more of these types of games from Milkstone.  Altogether, Red Invasion: Tower Defense gets a 4.5 out of 5.  It gives you a huge bang for your buck, the quality and controls are superb in my opinion. Go ahead and purchase Red Invasion: Tower Defense for 80 MS Points


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