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Indie Game of the Week: The Hearts of Men: ToD

Damn, I skipped a week of of IGOTW.  Well I hope this makes up for it.  Do you ever remember playing that game at the arcade called Gauntlet?  Sure you do!  I was immediately brought back to the roots of playing Gauntlet while play The Hearts of Men: ToD.  But was it enough to keep me playing?  Somewhat. There are some points of the game where the navigation just becomes either too easy or too hard.  The game feels like there is no difficulty curve.  But what kept bringing me back and why do I call it my Indie Game of the Week?   Easy, I found the game, when too hard, the best experience.  My adrenaline was pumping as I make my way frantically through certain areas.  One area in particular was where a wall of fire is chasing you, somewhat like that fog that chases you in F.E.A.R.  You are to make it through the level by finding the correct passage.  Follow the green footsteps and you’ll be ok, miss the turn and it could be devastating.   I found the visuals moderate and complimenting the gameplay.  The biggest con I found about this game is the use of Kevin MacLeod music.  I like his music, but I have heard all of his music in probably 70% of the games I review.  This looks bad on your game, especially if someone is a return supporter of Xbox Indie Games.  Altogether, even though it is my Indie Game of the Week, I do have to give it a 3 out of 5.  It gives a great challenge when presented, but when you’re hand fed a level after just one hard level, it will make you give up.


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