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Indie Game of the Week: A-Band

By: Master Blud
Alright it is that time of the week again. The time where I pick an indie game that I recently enjoyed and I think you will to.  A-Band is not your typical rhythm type game. The fact that this game is almost like Drum Mania for the Arcade. The only difference is, you can play this at home. I mean there was a Drum Mania for home, but this is far better and the songs aren’t cut short. There is a total of 12 bands in the game. One of them is actually located in my area (Ten Year Vamp). All of the bands are located around the world, if you want to know more about the list of bands, read our interview (HERE).  I like The Jaywalker and Ten Year Vamp, they seemed to get me pumped before the game released.

Now onto  the controls, you have a choice between a  controller, Rock Band Drums, or Guitar Hero Drums.  Do not use the controller, as you will find it difficult to alternate between drum hits.  This is not your typical rhythm game.  Even the easiest difficulty is hard (Forget about the hardest difficulty, your arms will end up breaking off) .  Is this because the developer found that it should be the easy for others to play.  Of course, if you’re a drummer.  But if you’re starting out on real drums, go ahead and enter the practice sessions.  There are tutorials within the game that will show you how to jam out correctly within A-Band.  You’ll end up finding yourself getting better with each run through of a song.  Find a song that you can relate to and just go nuts.  The graphics in the game are really polished, kind of gives that indie rock feeling mashed with a comic book visual.  Timing is the key in this game.  Whether you’re just starting out or are an expert at rhythm games, this game is actually worth your money.  So go on Craigslist and find someone with and Xbox 360 Drum Kit and go get these game.  Altogether, A-Band gets a 4 out of 5.  For 12 songs from 12 bands around the world, you can’t go wrong. I should mention, the ‘Jam Session’, you can choose a song and play the drums how you want.


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