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Indie Game of the Week: MiG Madness

You remember Air Legends, right?  That was one of my favorite XBox Live Indie Games back in the early days of XBLIG.  Essentially Air Legends is MiG Madness.  Air Legends was kind of a flop, it had bad controls and seemed pointless to play and seemed like an early prototype.  MiG Madness aimed to revitalize that game.  Coming from the same creator, they created MiG Madness, a superb step up from Air Legends.    The menu design was eye-catching, the use of layers in the sky was amazingly done.  The WWII Dog Fighting just got even better.  But the controls are something to get use to.  The soundtrack was a nice touch, and use of some sound effects did kind of get on my nerves.  I mean sh*t, for $1, this game is boss.  Altogether, this game gets a 4 out of 5, if only some guns didn’t annoy me.  Also, the AI is sometimes forgiving in tight situations.  You’re welcome.


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