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Marvel Pinball 3D releasing soon to Nintendo eShop!

Well Zen Studios has definitely made a name for itself and brought the love of pinball back to our hearts.  Not just for us old farts, but it seems the youngers crowds have been picking it up.  Zen Studios sets a release date “June 28, 2012” for Marvel Pinball 3D coming to both Europe and North America same day.   You can get it in ‘Merica it for $7.99 and in Europe for €7.00 for your Nintendo 3DS.

The game will run in a beautiful Stereoscopic 3D and feature tables with characters from the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Pinball 3D is packed full of great features including online leaderboards, hot seat multiplayer, multiple view points and rewards for playing and accomplishing table specific missions.

Marvel Pinball 3D Table Line Up

  • Live a day in the life of the Marvel Universe’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist on the Iron Man table! Tony Stark literally suits up in his Iron Man armor to combat infamous foes like the Mandarin, Whiplash and Ultimo.
  • Join Blade and Hannibal King in New York to fight off the vampiric forces led by Deacon Frost. Special lighting effects switch between day and night, so be sure to regenerate during the day in order to prepare for the battles after dark.
  • Rally the troops and prepare to help Captain America and the Howling Commandos defeat Baron Zemo and the Red Skull, as you fight to control the power of the Cosmic Cube.
  • Take on Doctor Doom alongside the Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch are extra fantastic in beautiful 3D!

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