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Indie Game of the Week: Cherry Poke Prison

By: Master Blud
Ok, so the first time I heard this word upon the interwebs,  I, in my own perverted mind thought of something completely different.  Until I actually played the game.  Cherry Poke Prison is a spin-off from Trailer Park King Series made by Freelance Games.  Cherry Poke is the daughter of Warden Poke.  Everytime I want to talk about these games, I can’t.  I have to cut it short as I don’t want to spoil anything.  Let’s just say you play as a not so good ladies man, who happens to be Kings Cousin Clyde and see probably 10x the boobs you do in the entire Trailer Park King Series.  But that’s not why I liked the game.  The game was longer, took a lot more thinking than just getting your usual items and giving them to someone in order for certain events to happen.  This point and click adventure was certainly adventurous.  There are mini games within the game.  The game is expansive, and quite detailed.  The art style still seems the same, if not better.  I would like to see the game use actual emotions in the characters when having a conversation.  Even animating the hot tub steam would have made the game look good.   Although I have not put this game in Indies at First Sight yet, I can say my final rating is now 4.5 out 5.  I had more laughs combined in this installment than I had in the previous Trailer Park King Games.


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