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I want my NYAN in my TKA!

Screenshot of newfangled kittah gudnez

Alright, guys. So we all know the awesomeness that is Techno Kitten Adventure. Well I am here to tell you, Techno Kitten Adventure is getting an exclusive add-on with the Nyan Cat. You might be aware that Nyan Cat made a brief appearance in Techno Kitten Adventure back in July of 2011 and kittahfans have meowsking for his return ever since. Well, Nyan is back in TKA and this time we’ve given him an entire level to himself, exclusively on iOS.

The arrival time of this new claw scratching awaited add-on is set for next week.  Here is some deets on the cats pajamas. You can get TKA for free right now, and purchase the packs within.  I do recommend it.  Just don’t play in the dark.

Details: Techno Kitten Adventure: Nyan Cat Pack 
-NEW Song: “My Rainbow” by R-KADE with a kittehfied solo
-3 Unlockable Nyan Cats, including the original Nyan Cat
-$0.99 in-app purchase on iOS, universal for iPhone, iPad, iPod
-Language: English, Lolcat

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