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Dragon’s Lair Review (XBLA)

Well, the Dragon’s Lair game has been presented in many digital forms.  The one it is known for (and the best), is being on the Laser Disc, where it was first introduced.  It took  you playing a movie, 5 buttons to push, and you being able to be quick and correct enough to pass on to the next area.  All the directions and an action button were your main controls.  Dragon’s Lair is back now, for the Xbox Arcade with Kinect Controls.  Do the Kinect controls make the game all the better? Let’s find out.

Within Dragon’s Lair, you take on the role of a knight.  This knight, Dirk the Daring, need to save Princess Daphne (Classic Whistle – Click to hear) away from the Singe, who is nothing but a goofy old dragon guarding the princess in Mordoc’s castle.

The game displays cut scenes, and each cut scene has an amount of directions and actions.  You must use your controller/kinect to go through each area.  If you fail that area, you’ll restart on that areas check point.  Usually the checkpoints are represented by an actual door.  I found the actual controller to be useful and more accurate.  As for the kinect, you’ll be tripping over yourself in no time.  The controller represented what was best about Dragon’s Lair, more responsive and made my time playing it more enjoyable.  Not all games are meant for Kinect.  Just look at Joy Ride, that game is a cramp when you boost.

The visuals of this title are that of the classic 80s cartoons.  Some of my readers might actually like revisiting this game.  They seemed to have extended the game.  No worries, there are many continues in home mode.  Well let’s get back to the visuals at hand.  There are many options on how you can have the game look.  You choose a classic arcade cabinet look, or just play it normally without the side bars.  I prefer the arcade cabinet, because sometimes watching on the game, distracts me from what I need to hit.  Luckily, when playing in arcade cabinet mode, it makes it easier for you to see what you need to hit.  If you look up at the upper right hand corner of the cabinet, you’ll see direction indicators and an action indicator.  As for what my ears heard in the game, was nothing but just action scenes.  Nothing too fancy.  A crescendo sound effect here and there just to get you going.

Final thoughts:

By the way, if you are picking this up on the 19th of June.  Play it now, because you’ll get an achievement for it.   Anywho, is this game worth your hard-earned cash of $10?  Absolutely.  I found nothing more enjoyable than getting so frustrated with a game, that I still haven’t beaten Dragon’s Lair.  You’ll be cursing in no time.  Get it for playing with the controller, if you want to play with Kinect, I suggest playing in a padded room.  Altogether Dragon’s Lair gets a 4.5 out of 5, if only the Kinect was a good control for this game. Also, I only played this game solo. There is multiplayer (same room) mode.


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