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Dust 514 High-End Gear To Cost You 24 Cents…..After Every Time You Die

By: ShadowKingpin

Micro-transactions are a big thing in the MMORPG universe.  In EVE Online, you can spend so little to get so much, and it isn’t going to change in Dust 514.  

In Dust 514, you have the option to purchase high-end gear with real world money, but don’t be fooled by when they tell you that it only costs 24 cents for great gear, because that’s for each loadout.  That’s right, every time you die, you are paying another 24 cents for your new loadout in order to get the  high end gear once again.

Currently, at the moment, CCG is conducting a private beta test, which is working with pricing and gameplay, and so far, it’s a success.

“One of the reasons we’re having a really extensive closed and then open beta is that we need to work out exactly what [the pricing will be],” says Eve Online producer John Lander. “We’ve got players who are paying money in the closed beta right now to actually get these items, and we’re looking at are the price points correct? Are they not?

“Off the top of my head,” Morgan Godat chimed in, “I don’t know exactly what they are. But the feedback that we’re getting is that they seem to be broadly in the right area.”

Currently, everyone who has spent real world money in the beta, will lose all of their characters after the testing ends, but will be completely refunded once the full game is released.

Dust 514 is currently scheduled to be released later this year.



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