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Barnes and Noble Will Not Be A Part Of Microsoft’s ‘Major’ Announcement

By: ShadowKingpin

As we all approach 3:30pm PST, we’re all dying to know what Microsoft’s ‘major’ announcement is.  The fact that they didn’t tell invited journalists the location of the announcement until this morning, shows that Microsoft is playing their cards right and doesn’t want anything to leak out.

The main rumor that has been going around, is that Barnes and Noble were planning to unveil a new Tablet for Microsoft, that was to be the answer to Apple’s iPad.  Well, the whole situation just got far more interesting, because Barnes and Noble have confirmed that they aren’t a part of today’s presentation.  The Dow Jones commented on the matter saying:

“The Barnes & Noble report never made sense to us for two reasons.

One: every major news outlet: NYTBloombergATD, etc all said Microsoft was making its own tablet. Not one mentioned Barnes & Noble.

Two: Microsoft and Barnes & Noble announced their partnership on April 30. It’s unlikely they’ve already sketched out a new tablet together already.”

This leads to a whole new world of speculation since the announcement will be specifically one of Microsoft’s own personal projects.  Rumors are flying around about the possible unveiling of the Xbox 720, or something else completely different.  We’ll find out when 3:30pm PST rolls around!


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