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EA & Sony to attend Gamescom 2012 without Microsoft & Nintendo

By: ShadowKingpin

It’s no surprise that Gamescom is the biggest gaming expo in Europe, but what does it say when Microsoft & Nintendo decide not to show up?  Well, EA & Sony have made the decision to go, according to Joystiq.

Last year, over 275,000 attendees made it last year, so why would Microsoft & Nintendo miss out on such a wonderful chance?  Well, Sony & EA have chosen to still support the expo and go.  “We are definitely committed to Gamescom – love that show and the people who attend it,” EA corporate communications SVP Jeff Brown told Joystiq. “We’re planning the press conference for the day before the show and will send out invites in the next couple of weeks.”

Sony hasn’t been the easiest when it comes to getting an official announcement, but the organizers of Gamescom, Koelnmesse, said, “Yeah Sony is coming, even though there was a strange article that question marked it a week ago… but they are coming for sure!”

We all look forward to Gamescom 2012 and the wonderful games that will be shown off there!


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