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Are Dragons vs. Witches the new Pirates vs. Ninjas?

By: ShadowKingpin

Webelinx has published a new game compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, which revolves around a little dragon who suddenly hatched out while an evil witch tried to make a potion out of him. This game can provide users hours of entertainment and can be downloaded from iTunes at this link:

“Air Draco” gives users the task to rescue this baby dragon from the witch’s doomed cave. On their way users will encounter lots of challenging obstacles and attacks of the evil witch and her minions. To make the game even harder, little flying dragon has to be fed with bats and spiders or he will run out of energy. But there are also some features of the game that serve in users’ favor. There are lots of power-ups and fire rides that help users save Draco. Great graphics, amazing design, funny and cute characters, interesting storyline and addictive gameplay can provide users a lot of fun and amusement.


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