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Indies at First Sight: We Are Cubes and Little Racers STREET

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We Are Cubes

You may remember the game Tempest, eh?  Tempest was consider a “tube shooter” back in 80s.  Whatever the f*ck that was.  Tempest was a game of survival.  Survival of oncoming waves of enemies.  In We Are Cubes, I feel that it is paying homage to the once great Tempest and revitalizing it in a more updated and modern take.  The visuals in We Are Cubes are phenomenal, you have many options of how your game looks to you.  You can go to full on part lights, then to just a plain run way.  Either or, the game feels the same.   The options the game has on how it looks to you, is very customizable.  I felt this one of the highest qualities of the game.   The controls will feel slow at first, but as you get use to the momentum of moving left to right, as it will become natural.  You have some boss battles within the waves you endure.  The game will feel nonstop until you die.  It brings that Arcade feeling to your living room.  Lastly, the soundtrack.  THAT MOTHER EFFIN SMOOTH Retro/Modern Mixed Beats.  While playing the game, I couldn’t help me just pause the game just to listen to some of the music.  Altogether, We Are Cubes gets a really high 5 out of 5.  It brought the Retro Gaming back to life and slapped you with your own controller.  Take that!

Little Racers STREET

These little racers aren’t so little when you get behind the wheel.  Little Racers STREET takes the topdown/isometric racing games to a new level.  With the very many camera angles within the game, even the 3rd person view (this is a fun view, don’t use this is online races, you’ll lose).  I have always been the worst at these type of racers, but luckily, Milkstone games knows how it is with those games .  I found the controls easier to use than other titles with the isometric control scheme.  The game is covered with lush trees, snow-covered roads, and many other weather effects that will affect your driving.  The only thing this game is missing is the ability to use power-ups like you do in Blur. Little Racers STREET is also perfect for online, you’ll have some great rival battles in this upbeat indie game. Altogether, Little Racers Street gets a 4.5 out of 5, my only issue is that there is no power-ups. One can only hope!


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