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The Unreal 4 Engine-Welcome to Next Generation

By: ShadowKingpin

Epic Games has finally released a video showing off their new “Unreal 4 Engine.  

This is the mother of games engines.  You better take a look at this, because most major games are run by the Unreal Engine.  The video showcases the knight we have been teased with sleeping until the harsh winter storm comes roaring in.  He then harnesses the power of fire and ends the demo with him swinging his warhammer at the camera.

After watching the developer walkthrough, I have seen the beautiful potential of this new engine.  The particle effects, lighting & shading were what really showed off the the major parts of this new engine.  What’s even more impressive, is that this demo was running on a PC with only one graphics card.  Shocking, eh?  I highly suggest you check out the main video, and the walkthrough.  It’s simply mind blowing what they have accomplished.


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