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Sony talks about Playstation 4!

By: ShadowKingpin

A lot of rumors have been floating around recently about the Playstation 4 (Rumored to be codenamed: “Orbis”).  One of those rumors mentions that major companies are already at work on games for the new console.  During E3, Gametrailers got a chance to speak with President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  They asked about the Playstation 4 and this is what he had to say.

“We’ve never been first. We’ve never been cheapest, ” Tretton said. “It’s about being the best. If you can build a better machine, and it’s going to come out a little bit later, that’s better than rushing something to market that’s going to run out of gas for the long term.”

“Ideally, in a perfect world, you want the best machine that ships first, that’s cheapest. But the number one goal is to be the best machine, and that’s what we’re always focused on.”

Personally, I’m kind of shocked by this.  Wasn’t Sony aiming to use cheaper components to hopefully keep the price down so that they would avoid the nightmare cost of $600 that was for the Playstation 3 when it first came out?  Hopefully, Sony will not charge us an arm and a leg for the next system, so that everyone can enjoy it and not just the few who can afford to pay that amount of money.


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