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Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World Review

Review by: Master Blud 

So all of you know me as that retro gamer guy. Well I am here to tell you that, despite having loved my classic platformers, I still can’t get the knack of RPGs. Some games need to have been left for dead. Others, should stay and keep us company. As for the Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World, I can say a percentage of it is worth your while if you are looking to play those classic Monster World RPG Platformers. Monster World IV, which was never released in the US, finally makes a debut on this collection. Is it worth it? Does it play like the other Monster World Games? Well you will find out, later.

Monster World collection on the Xbox Live Arcade captures most moments of what was on Sega. To play favorites in here, I am going to have to choose Wonderboy in Monsterworld, as Wonderboy in Monsterland felt too cheap on the graphics. Monster World IV is really not that different that Wonderboy in Monsterworld. You both start of the same way, just that Monster World IV is easier on the eyes and with a better control scheme. Going to be completely honest with you, I had never played these titles before on any of the previous systems. They just didn’t catch my eye like I thought they would on release date.

The visuals are not too shabby, they put a pretty impressive filter to hide any atrocious glitches that I have seen in videos on the interwebs. The audible department, sounds, uh, like they’re supposed to? I don’t know what you want me to say. It does sound a lot clearer than anticipated. Those old 16-bit cartridges didn’t have the greatest sound. I found the controls to be floaty, and the gameplay to be just as frustrating. Maybe it’s just me. Certain vintage games can stay alive, some just don’t keep it going.

Sega keeps trying to bring its classic gaming back. Some games should just be kept out of sight and never touched again. You loved it back then. Are you going to love it still? You probably will or will not. Depends on your preference. Honestly, this is one game series I never got serious with. Serious enough like Sonic the hedgehog. To be fair, I did enjoy this game, but it lacked variety.  You have too much of the same game.  Despite it’s floaty controls, I at least tried to play the Monster World games. Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World gets a 3.5 out of 5. Sega, if you’re listening, keep the classics “Classic”. Don’t touch a thing, don’t try to improve anything either.  Sorry if there is no trailer, but you can go look up on YouTube and search “Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World”.


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  3. All games are tooo interesting . i play sega games daily

    June 5, 2012 at 2:59 am

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