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Indies at First Sight: Dot Dash Episode 1 and 48 Chambers

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Dot Dash Ep 1

Well I haven’t seen much games like Dot Dash.  Basically, it’s a game of pacifism, sort of.  There are many game modes.  But one I find most appealing and worth the play through is “Zones”.  It’s basically like a version of KOTH, but you must survive as long as you can without getting hit by oncoming blocks of vivid color.  I played quite a bit of this mode, it still remains my favorite.  There is the “Wave” mode, which your character you control, must collect little dots of color.  With those dots of color, you are able to destroy a cube that matches that color.  The dot color won’t last long, so try to get as many as you can.  I enjoyed the visuals, fluid at best.  The controls were a pain in the ass to get use to.  I felt that collision detection was a bit too sensitive.  As watching my playback, second by second on my cap card, almost a 1/4 of an inch of being near a cube will destroy you.  The soundtrack felt upbeat, didn’t really catch my attention too much, as I was trying to stay alive.  Dot Dash is almost achieving the high score.  Altogether Dot Dash Episode 1 receives a 3.5 out of 5.  It needs some fixing of the sensitivity don’t cha know?

48 Chambers

In 48 Chambers, time is your goal.  You must finish each level in a set amount of time without being destroyed by the hazards.  But with each level you pass, a more difficult and more tedious level comes next.  At first I didn’t really get that much into 48 chambers, but it started to grow on me.  The game sets a challenge to those gamers who like to do speed runs.  The controls are touchy and might take a little getting use to (don’t dash too much).  There are several game modes which can be comfortable to all gamer types.  Easy Mode, you get unlimited respawns.  Normal mode, you get a set amount of lives.  Finally, Hardcore, one life to live.  I enjoy all of the game modes to be honest.  Something that may not be so important is the customization of the game.  You can head on over to the options and set your background color, for those who don’t like the traditional color the game was shipped with.  I personally love purple.  I really enjoyed the visuals in this game, reminded me of charcoal and crayon drawings.  The soundtrack is basically on a loop, but comfortable.  You don’t really realize the track is on loop until you are near the end of the game.  Altogether 48 Chambers gets a 4.5 out of 5.  For those who like the speed runs, I recommend this title all the way.


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