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Batman: Arkham City: Harley’s Revenge DLC Review

By: Daizoren

The continuation to the epic Rocksteady title has finally arrived, with Robin and Harley getting most of the spotlight, but is it worth the $10 admission fee?

Warning: Arkham City Spoilers lie ahead

As a direct sequel to Arkham City’s story, you begin your adventure only a short time after the end of the original game. Joker is dead and Harley is not exactly the most happy of campers with this event. As you would assume, she blames Batman for the death of the Joker and she slowly plans her revenge on him. What amounts to essentially a rescue mission turns out to be an action packed, yet slightly short, re-entry into the world of Arkham City.

The DLC drops you into the game as Robin and he’s been told that Bruce has been missing for 2 days. It’s up to you to find him and rescue him. After given free reign to go wherever you want, you can head to your navpoint and start to piece together what happened to Batman. After a quick re-introduction to the game mechanics (Which surprisingly came back nearly without a hitch after months of not touching the game) you’ll find yourself battling goons and checking out a slew of new gadgets that are exclusive to the Robin character. It won’t take long to get a flashback showing what happened to Batman (Which takes place 2 days prior to Robin’s story), but without spoiling too much, Harley captured some Gotham City Police officers and set the trap to end The Dark Knight’s career.

The gameplay hasn’t changed too much, though a few new enemies, some new techniques and gadgets do offer a good amount of variety to keep you entertained. You’ll also find that Robin isn’t quite as stealthy as his darker counterpart. A lot of times you’ll run right into fights and in a flash of quick button presses, you’ll get rid of your opposition. The entire story won’t take but a few hours to complete and it’ll have you both reeling to take down Harley and sympathizing with her at the same time, all while questioning your own motives of playing the game. A few times I found myself stopping to just listen to what different thugs had to say about the joker and their thoughts on whether or not Batman actually killed him or if it wasn’t his fault. This all plays into giving the absolutely wonderful atmosphere that the game is well known for establishing at this point.

For $10, it’s a short lived excerpt back into the world of Arkham City, but it’s guaranteed to leave you with great dialogue and some key plot points that you will have to consider and ponder until the next great Batman game is released.


2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    hey. can you free roam as robin when you finish.

    May 30, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    • I don’t believe you can.

      June 4, 2012 at 3:46 pm

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