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Fable Heroes, Molydontcare (Review)

Ranting by: Master Blud
So, I have been an on again off again Fable player. I have accumulated so many hours playing the whole series. My mind has gone completely numb of the concept of being a hero. Although the games had you make tough decisions between good and evil, I just killed whoever the F*CK I wanted to. Reason being, it’s a game, and there is no real life consequences. I can just start a new game and make new decisions, kinda like how you wish your life was.

Any who, so, I bought Fable Heroes this morning in hopes that somehow I would be impressed. I was, slightly. The game seems bland, all you do is just mash buttons. I mean it’s your typical hacknslash/beatemup. Just beat the living SH*T out of enemies until they die. You run into bosses, which are ridiculosly too long for anyone to pay attention to. The bosses hardly move from their spots, making it an easy target. The game tries to present itself as a party game, kinda like Mario Party.

I want to point out that this game does have high points. The only high points are playing with actual people. This will be the only time you’ll have fun in the game. The minigames are also fun…………with real people.

I did however enjoy the comic looking visuals, and character artwork. I do have a problem with how the game presents itself. Although you are able to find yourself amongst the chaotic mess on the screen when there are way too many enemies, you end up forgetting there is a button to mark yourself in the crowds of hobblits, minions and whathaveyou. Mostly everything you know and love from the previous Fable games are in this game. Whether they are referenced, or just straight from the game. They seem to give me a sense of comfort knowing that they are in the game. Now onto what pissed me off upon reaching the character selection screen. You know how some games that usually enter a trilogy, and have those exclusive unlocks if you played the previous games? Well that doesn’t seem to be the case with LionHead Studios. They said basically at the Character Selection screen. “F*CK THE OTHER GAMES, GET READY FOR A GAME THAT COMES OUT LATER THIS YEAR”. The game I am referring to is the somewhat anticipated Fable: The Journey. Supposedly this is advertising for the future game. If you don’t pick up the game, then you can’t unlock the characters.

Now let me just point out something here. Fable: The Journey is going to be a Linear Kinect Title for the Xbox360. Not everyone can use a Kinect or chooses to buy one. So what happens? You’re f*cked by LionHead Studios and Microsoft. Now, I don’t mean to be harsh about it. But some things need to be said. LionHead, if you’re reading this, I have been an almost diehard fan to the series. I know this project of Fable Heroes was supposed to bring something fresh to the table with a completely separate team, but come on. Let’s face it, this doesn’t really say “NEW”. Instead of screwing the people who played the previous games like Fable II and Fable III. You could have made some sort exclusive power-ups, characters, map, bosses and so on to those who owned the previous titles. It would have been nice to reward those who have loved the series regardless of the banter the internet may have given it.

Well you probably stuck around reading this whole thing to find out if I would recommend it. Right? Well you’re right to stay this far. Honestly, it is a great game. The fact that they didn’t take any consideration for players of the previous titles, was really a let down. It really pissed me off. Did I have fun? Absofuckinglutely! Does the game posses absolute replay value? Somewhat, you have one run through on the light Albion and then when you finish the game, you play in the dark Ablion. It kinda changes the scenery a bit. I mean, if you’re not into the whole meaningless beatemups, then don’t go and get this. You will be surprised at the ending though, it did keep my interest the whole entire way. This game sits on a 3.5 out of 5. If LionHead gets their heads out of their asses and listen to the community on some serious issues regarding exclusives. I know, I know. Exclusives are for whiners. But still, Fable: The Journey isn’t even  out yet. So that means you have to wait until it is out to get all of the unlocks. So there ya go. Have fun with that one.


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