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Shorty iReviews: Nyan Cat Adventure and Yarnaby

Nyan Cat Adventure

By now, everyone knows who Nyan Cat is. Not even 1 year later of it being created by PRGuitarman, the lovable Poptarted, Rainbow Poopshooting cat made its debut in the gaming world. Bringing you Nyan Cat Adventure. I am reviewing this title for the multiple platforms of iOS version and the XBLIG Version. They both play very similiar, as they only use one button to play the damn game. NCA is just outright ridiculous. Be warned, this game is not for people who have problems with those flashy lights or motion sickness. The game puts a challenge to your reactions and how well you are able to concentrate on your path. The use of pills in-game effect how your game looks, and sometimes makes it hard to concentrate on where you are going. There are many different types of game types, the most important of game types is the Party mode. The party mode mixes up everything so you don’t get bored with the same gameplay over and over. I give Nyan Cat Adventure a 4.5 out of 5. Not just because I like cats, but this game is just outright ridiculous enough to keep you occupied for a while.


The simple world of maze games. This title certainly seems to be missing a lot. That’s because it is. Nothing in this title really seemed to keep my interest. Everything felt repetitive, annoying and most importantly inaccurate. The ugly UI made me want to just break my iPod upon reaching the end of each level. The choice the developer made of having no type of music at all, not even a crescendo sound when closing near a wall, was disappointing. The fact that you play as a piece of yarn is the only good thing to this game. The level designs seemed like they were just thrown together in the matter of a few hours. There is a mirror world, which is the same exact stages, but mirrored. Not really a fan of the mirror stages or even the original stages. I couldn’t keep playing this title. Altogether it gets a 1.5 out of 5. It needs a major update and a little more flavor.


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