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Wrecked Revenge Revisited Review (XBLA)

Review by: Tom Shirey

Wrecked Revenge Revisited is a battle racing game developed by Supersonic Software. The game was released March 28th , 2012 for XBLA and PSN. Supersonic Software did a pretty good job on this game. I noticed that there wasn’t much of a story to the game, but what they lacked in single player they added to multiplayer. The only thing single-player seems to offer is achievements but you can get most of them online or by playing local co-op. The game offers four player versus online and offline, so this could definitely be a great party game. Whether your playing with family or friends you will have fun. My brother and I probably racked at least twenty hours on this game and we still had fun. There is also a small ranking system to unlock new cars, decals, tires, and colors for your entertainment. One small problem I had was that all the cars had the same stats and nothing changed. I hoped that the new cars you unlocked were going to get faster or even stronger, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The power-ups are pretty cool too. There are many power-ups ranging from shields, to railguns and a lot of other cool weapons. Wrecked Revenge Revisited can be bought on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 MPS ($15).

The gameplay is smooth, but the camera angle can mess you up. Since the game is not split-screen the camera zooms out until the person in last gets hit by a line that causes instant death. Usually right after the person in last gets hit by the line the camera will zoom in again. This can really piss somebody off because sometimes when your on a turn and it zooms in it causes you to skid out of control. Besides the camera angle getting in the way sometimes, I really didn’t have a problem with the controls. They seemed very smooth and allowed me to drift around bends and corners with no problems. The controlling of the vehicles also depends on what setting you have it on. I normally play on fast and skiddy to get a better and somewhat life-like feel of the cars. I also find that when you shootan enemy player they can lose some of their tires. This is helpful because it makes their steering somewhat out of control and can turn the race into your favor. The game wasn’t completely glitch free though. I experienced some glitches where I got stuck in walls and other parts of the environments. I also found that sometimes the death line doesn’t always bring death. I have fallen behind and been hit by the line but just went right through it like nothing happened.

Supersonic Software did a great job on the graphics of the cars, environments, and weapons. As you shoot enemy cars you see them beginning to smash and lose tires. The game definitely gives you a colorful experience and can add for some humorous moments. The mines and guided missile explosions are pretty cool and can help out a lot. Another part that interested me was that the screenshoot whenever a bomb went off and it definitely messed up the drivers. The sound was good. I didn’t notice any sound problems or glitches with it. I did however notice the one-liners the drivers say by pressing the X button. We had some good laughs hearing the drivers talk smack on each other.

I enjoyed this game very much. Supersonic Software definitely nailed the battle racing genre head on to bring a new game like this. I saw a few glitches in the game but they didn’t make the it unplayable. The graphics were pretty sharp and sounds was nice. They added humorous one-liners and taunts which made it that much more enjoyable. This is definitely a game worth buying if you want to just chill and whoop on your friends.
Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Score: 8


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