Indie Games, where the heart and soul is!

VVGindiecast Episode 11 – (Unicorn Blood for the needy) Magic Jack Sucks

Let’s talk indie games

Discussions today!

Joining us is James Walker from In Excelsis Studios about Nuclear Unicorn Force

Talk about XNA Development: 3PN Vlog hosted by Jesse Chounard

We will also be talking about our current experiences with some really great indie games that either just released or have been released for a while.

Random Discussions of Indie Games

Rants about whatever

The occasional questions from listeners

To top it all off, we will do the ritual of Voice Impressions

Talk about Xotic, an overlooked Indie Arcade Title that uses FPS and Arcade expeirence together. Can you make the highest score amongst your friends? Or even the world? Make sure to follow @Xotic_Game.


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