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Indies at First Sight: Bit Digger and Spectrangle360

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Bit Digger

I am not much of the typical voxel fan. Bit digger certainly gives the Voxel based games a different look. From an isometric view, you play as Dougal McTaggart, who can create tall buildings, mountains of ice and flatlands. The game is simple, no survival here. The concept is just to create, which is what I like. I also enjoy blowing stuff up, so the TNT played a big roll in my enjoyment. There is also a neat option to take pictures of your structures, which I found really great for sharing in case you just want to destroy your structures and build a bunch of new ones. Besides the isometric view, it is accompanied with an retro-bit visual. Simple yet straight to the point. The soundtrack has a nice little chiptunage, this made me smile, because, chiptunes. Altogether Bit Digger gets a 4 out of 5. The game is a little something to get use to, so explore the controls.


Ok so. I love board games. I also have never heard of the original tile-based strategy game Spectrangle. I have played a lot of board games, and playing this for the first time really peaked my interest. The game uses colorful double-sided pieces called trangs. The pieces have colors of red, green, cyan, yellow and magenta. There is also an all white one that acts like a joker card. The joker piece can be placed anywhere and can be placed and put next to any color of choosing, there is only 1 white piece, so it randomize to other players. The pieces have numbers on them that uses a simple scoring. To take advantage scoring higher, you will find on the board 2X, 3X and so on, if you place your pieces here, you will get X amount multiplied of the number shown on your tile. All other places just use the value of your current piece you are placing. I really had it out with this game. I played for about 2 hours by myself with the computer. I give the developer much respect for putting Versus CPU mode in there. You can also play online with friends, which I failed to do. This game is certainly overlooked. You can play up to a total of 4 players which makes that game that much more fun. The soundtrack was a nice touch, made me at home, listening to light music while at home.. There wasn’t much for the visuals, because it was pretty basic design. But I did enjoy the way the menu was presented. Altogether, Spectrangle360 gets a 4.5 out of 5.


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