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Shoot Many Robots Review (XBLA) Wee Doggy!

Review by: Tom Shirey
Shoot Many Robots is a 2.5D side scroller action game developed by Demiurge Studios. Demiurge Studios did a very good job at bringing this game back from the dead. Everything that you could hope for in a 2.5D side scroller action game is right here. Shoot Many Robots offers a large arsenal along with many other items that help your stats and your chance to survive the robot apocalypse. There are also three different difficulties in the game. You have to beat each difficulty to complete the game because they add up to each other.

Although I didn’t see much of a story for the game, seems the action keeps me intrigued.  I have beaten the entire game and am thrilled to say that it was a very awesome and fun experience.  Another fun aspect is that it blends insane action with a country-style setting which adds for some great humor.  You can buy Shoot Many Robots on the Xbox Live Marketplace under arcade games for 800 MPS ($5).

Gameplay is a key aspect for many gamers. You need to have a game that controls smoothly and will respond pretty fast. Well I have news for you, this is the game for you. The gameplay is rather fast paced once you get into the higher difficulties and it plays really smooth.  Whether I’m farming to get the best weapons or helping a friend power level, it’s all fun. The game can get pretty overwhelming at times especially playing on insane. Sometimes you get a couple dozen robots chasing you that have massive amounts of health. This can get pretty tricky at times, but Demiurge gave us the hang ability that allows the player to hover above the enemies and fire. This is a great advantage because without it we would have a hell of a time trying to survive.

The weapons are pretty insane as well.  Demiurge definitely gave the player enough choices.  The weapons range from pistols to a missile barrage unit from an attack helicopter.  The clothes also get pretty hilarious. Right now I’m wearing all the princess items.  Yes, I said princess.  Each set of equipment gives you different stat upgrades and can make or break you.  The game also has a pretty cool leveling system but I feel it lacks quality. There are 50 levels and each time you level your attack and health increase.  I was hoping it would go more in-depth and give us skill points to put onto weapons and equipment. The multiplayer is also very fun.  Shoot Many Robots allows four player online co-op or 2 player local co-op.  Altogether the gameplay is just amazing. There are only a few problems with it.

Shoot Many Robots looks great. The graphics blend together very well and I didn’t notice anything “ugly”.  The explosions were awesome! Watching robot parts fly across the screen was pretty comical at times. The graphics worked very well for the game and definitely upgraded from the original. Watching my character hover above enemies while shooting rockets and bullets at them was very intriguing.  This game had good detail in the character although I wish there had been more characters than just one, but with all the equipment it made the character your playing feel like you created him.  The sounds were pretty good too. From the screechy sounds the suicide robots make to the grunts and groans from your character getting hit. I feel they should have put some one liners in there to make it that much more fun though.  The explosions sound great as you blow up enemies with grenade launchers.

This is definitely a game worth buying.  It offers a great 2.5D side scrolling experience and allows the player to spend many hours of playtime. The graphics are very good and the sound is amazing, which makes for one hell of a game. Demiurge did a very good job with this remake.
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Score: 8.5 out of 10


One response

  1. Galvion

    Sounds like a pretty awesome game! Love me some side-scrolling shooters.
    Great read.

    April 14, 2012 at 7:39 pm

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