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Indies at First Sight: Happy and Miner4Ever

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So it has been a while since this game released.  Let me put to you this way.  The game gets quite aggravating after reaching a certain level.  You must be precise in hitting each edge correctly.  The soundtrack, was, just right for the visuals.  The melodic sounds versus me getting almost totally pissed off at how many times I was not able to make a loop, made up for the absolutely repulsive difficulty.  The game presents itself to be a game for a child, don’t let that fool you, it takes extreme patience and precision to try to finish later levels.  Altogether, this game gets 3 out of 5, it needs some work done.  The control scheme was not in my favor, I love platforms and when developers try to reinvent them, but this game will have to lay as a “try” for you.


Oh look, Blud is going to take on a Voxel game for review.  Because it was requested :-).  Anyways, this voxel based game uses survival and resourcing skills in order to even build anything at all.  Miner4Ever has resources all over the map, which help you create more as they become available.  I am not one for Voxel Games, so I will just leave it as this.  I hate Voxel games to the very extent, and yes, I am annoyed that they are flooding the market.  They are blocking the very gems that are now more buried than ever just because everyone wants to be a follower and not be completely original.  I will also say that this game has a ton of bugs that need to be worked out.  I have seen myself falling out of the map countless times.  I got stuck inside a blocked area and had to start a new game.  The game needs polish and feels like it was rushed out.  There is no reinvention in the Voxel Games, Minecraft seemed to cover most of the common areas that you would see in the so-called “Clones”.  Minecraft is even a clone itself of the Infinimer game.  I also dislike Minecraft.  Who knew? Anyways, this game gets a 1.5 out of 5, I was able to build some structures, but not enough to keep my attention.


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