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Andrea Electronics SB405B Headset Review

Alright, it is time to step out of our Indie element for a moment and take a look at a product that had peaked my interest. I had received a request from the company themselves, I was more than excited to give these babies a listen/try. Let’s look at the details shall we? The SB405 headset has many features, some of them you can definitely take advantage if you have a personal recording space for your music, or want to capture the essence of the outdoors. Below I give a little physical demo in a video of the actual headphones themselves and what the microphone is capable of doing.

List of what you can use the SB405 for:

  • Speech Recognition (Especially Dragon Speak)
  • Computer Gaming (I use OnLive and was pleased with the clarity)
  • Listening to Music (I do this a lot)
  • Plugs into most smart phones (I used it with the iPhone and iPod Touch, the other end could hear me very clear)
  • USB HD Audio Adapter for a customized experience(This is something you should take advantage of when you get the product, there is software on the website to enhance the experience. You will need this when you use the USB Adapter. Available for PC as Audio Commander and Mac as Audio Enhancements)
  • Dual Boomless Microphones (This is one feature that both amazed and confused me. Although the microphones are right near your ear, it seems to pick up just the right distance between my ear and my mouth.)

So now, I will tell you my experience in full with them.  I used these quite a bit, seeing as it took this long to actually post the review.  I wanted to see how much stress I could put on them within 1 month of usage.  They are extremely durable, I did end up dropping them and almost stepping on them.  I was more than cautious. Who wouldn’t be?  Anyways, I dug the sound, the comfort of the cushions on my ears.  But I felt like they were too tiny.  The size didn’t really matter, it was the quality of sound.  I felt like I was in a theater while watching a movie.  My senses increased as I played multiplayer games, I live in a noisy house, so this was very pleasing to me.  I ended up jamming out at the bus stop playing air guitar as Dragon Force was playing.

I was able to have clear phone conversations over Gtalk and over my Phone.  I tried it out on a podcast, my voice sounded superior than the ones using a touch tone phone on Blog Talk Radio.  Is my impression on this well on its way of being one of the best sounds I have heard in a long time? Yes! I stated before and in the video, the way they look is not pleasing.  That seems to be the only downside to them.  If I were to rate this product.  I would give it a 4.5 out of 5.  The sound is great, the image needs to change.  But all I want is a great sound and not to concentrate on what the headphones look like.  I do recommend purchasing this product, for mostly computer gaming, and jamming out to the latest albums you enjoy.  You won’t be sorry.  If you are in the studio and need a great pair of headphones that won’t disappoint, these are for you.  If you are someone who is looking to swag out at school or college with stylish headphones, please reconsider it, they look sleak, the logo is the only thing that really needs to change.  All in all, you’ll be comfortably sound!


One response

  1. Looks awesome! I’ve been needing a new headset for a while now, I’ll be looking at these to buy.

    April 9, 2012 at 5:18 pm

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