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Indies at First Sight: Devil Blood and Pingvinas

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Devil Blood

Reviewed by: Tom Shirey
Devil Blood is a first person shooter with no story. I personally thought that this was the worst game I have ever played. Imagine playing a game that is nothing but a giant maze that has nothing but the color red and flying ram heads. The game is very repetitive and the only thing you do is kill creatures gain exp., and find relics. This game looks like something a ten-year old who watches too much horror movies would come up with. The graphics like I said consist of very bland maze like levels and enemies that look like ram heads that change color as you go through the levels. The guns that you can equip look like blocks and have no detail. The runes you pick up seem to have the most detail in them which only comes from the different colors they possess. This game is definitely not worth the time and not worth the $1. The concept of the game is to get enough relics and exp., so that you can take on the stronger opponents on the next level while walking through a huge maze that you can get lost in very easily, then repeat. The sound offers some creepiness but nothing major. Devil Blood is very repetitive and offers nothing new throughout the game. There is no entertainment unless you like spending hours running through a maze trying to find the beginning to move onto the second level. The replay of this game is very low because I guarantee that after the first few hours of trying to find your way out of the maze is going to be your last.


Reviewed by: Master Blud
I’m already 4 minutes into this game, all I can say is “awwwww”. You play as a penguin, there is no story. Pingvinas is more of a board game than anything else. Your objective is to collect as many fish as you can. There’s a catch. For every ice platformer you leave behind, it sinks. You can throw a strategy together and defeat your opponent by trapping them within the confines of water. Once they are there, they can’t move anymore. You can play up to 4 players local, online or with human players or AI. I found the visuals a nice tranquil touch, I loved seeing the underwater life pass me as I play the game. The gameplay was fantastic to play with the family, we ended up playing for a few hours at a time, gotta love those board games. Altogether pingvinas gets a 4 out of 5, I did feel like the game needed more scenery. The boards can change shape. It would have been nice to at least see a storm roll in, or play at night.


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